Webcomic Beacon #123: Do It Yourself?

Eric (Exiern) joins Fes to discuss ComicPress’ new build, ComicPress Premium. We also end up discussing the “It’s time to pay” model in webcomicking these days. Also a touch of writing vs art. This is an impromptu episode, so this is a bonus for everyone!


Cover Art by: Emily Ragozzino (Tom Boy Tara)

I will say that one should decide for themselves what form of WordPress publishing works best for them. Wait for the final details of the “ComicPress Premium” before deciding, since the site is incomplete. ComicPress 2.x will still be supported, as I’m told.

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I’m glad you reccorded this, a good episode and refreshing of you to be so frank.

I also ended up talking with Frumph afterwards. Obviously I’m very oppinionated, but I don’t honestly want to be mean, and I do try to be as fair as possible. I’m glad this episode turned out well and ended up discussing other topics.

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