Webcomic Beacon #122: Photo Comics!

Anthony van Winkle (Night Zero), Cisco Davis, Jr. (Pure and Hidden Truth), and Arne Schulenberg (Union of Heroes) join Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss Photo Comics! We’ve done this episode once before, but now from many perspectives!


Cover Art by: Julie Sydor (Sparkling Hostage Estate). Milestones: All Over The House (100)

Thanks to Witchiebunny, our announcer! Show notes: The Peculiars Kickstarter, Erika Moen, Take The Picture by Red Light Go (Break Song), Jenny Everywhere,

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I hope people like the idea of me putting music in as one of the breaks. Since the one break I took out isn’t really needed (and lists a wrong broadcast time), I thought I’d try and use some podsafe music.

The idea is to try and find a song that somewhat relates to the theme or topic.

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