Webcomic Beacon #83: For Charity (Runaway Episode)

George (Amazoness!) and Ben (Hero Academy) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to attempt to discuss the LGBT Webcomic Charity Art Auction (Running July 20-24th, 2009), benefitting the Point Foundation… but if you are familiar our show, this is one of those “runaway episode”. We devolve into differences between the USA and UK soon enough.

But check out and bid on several pieces of artwork!

Milestones: Tally Road *NSFW* (300), Hero Academy (100), The Tao of Geek (7 yrs), Calamities of Nature (2 yrs), Children of the Tiger (1 yr)


Thanks to George for recording the sites mentioned on the show:

Mysteries of the Arcana, Yu+Me=Dream, I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space, Jane’s World, Diablito Del Ring, Khaos Komix, Dar: ASGTSCD, Ugly Girl, Clan of the Cats, FERA, Simply Sarah, Apple of Discord.

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