Webcomic Beacon #71: Drunk Duck Webcomic Hosting

Skool Munkee (Drunk Duck profile) and Black Kitty (Acrylic Moon) join Fes and Mark to discuss the Drunk Duck webcomics community.  Tanya is away this week.


Milestones: Goats (12 yrs), Angry D. Monkey (5 yrs), Shimmer (5 yrs), Awesomeness adventures (1 yrs), Union of heroes (1 yr), Company Man (700 strips), Imp (200 strips), Muddle Creek (200 strips), Calamities of Nature (200 strips), Circle vs Square (200 strips), Steal This Comic (100 strips), Spud Comics (100 strips). This week we set our Impressions on Road Crew and Strange Ways. We would also like to Spotlight: Dawn of time and Thorn!  Also, The Rampage Network’s Featured Webcomic: Dark Welkin

Thanks to George for recording the sites mentioned on the show:
Top Webcomics, Platinum Studios, Gods of Arr-kelaan, MegatokyoWebcomics Reviews & Interviews, Webcomic and Inkblot, Repository of Dangerous Things, Dasien.

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Thanks for the mentioning of the “Union of Heroes” milestone! And the lookout for the future event which is currently taking place…
Oh, and just for the record: Epic Fail is the best Nemesis you can ask for! 🙂
Best regards from Germany!
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