Webcomic Beacon #70: The 2008 Beaky Webcomic Awards!

The Webcomic Beacon’s Panel of Judges (Fes, Tanya, Mark, Horatio, and Chris), bring their personal Top Ten Lists of what they feel were the best of the new webcomics of 2008 (as reported to us).


Milestones: Last Res0rt (2 yrs), Times like this (200 strips), Cartworks (100 strips), The Legendary Boys of Floyd (100 strips), Bitmap World (2 yrs). Other News: Family Webcomics looking for new members. Free ads on Rampage Network.

Thanks to George for note-taking: Capes and Babes, Astray 3, Dawn of Time, o31.net, Gemini, and Precocious.

Beaky Award Finalists (in no particular order) are: Sister ClaireDregs, XanfordSandra and Woo, Blank-It, Odd Fish, Imy, Daisy Owl, Whubble, Ink Tank, Marooned, Evil Diva, Surfboards and Rayguns, Trying Human, Spying with Lana, Sam & Lilah, moe, Filtered Fuzz, Clockwork Games, Moose Mountain, Vlad the Vegan, One Swoop Fell, Bear Nuts, Nerf Now, Gastrophobia, House Pets, Union of Heros, Strange Someone, Curvy, Speak No Evil, Night Zero, and Capes n’ Babes.

Here are the winners for the 2008 Webcomic Beaky Awards.
They have been near-unanimously judged by the Webcomic Beacon Judges to be of the best NEW WEBCOMICS of 2008!



Judged to be of the best NEW SHORT STORY WEBCOMICS of 2008!


Each Judge’s individual picks of Best NEW Webcomics of 2008!


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Well, did you see the list? It was huge!

And there just happened to be many better comics… in fact, there were comics I found later, that qualified, that I totally would have given an award to, but I could not include them because I did not know of them to put them in the list for fairness.

Next year will be be more refined… unfortunately the comic list will probably have nearly 5 times as many more comics, if not more. I’ll have to streamline the judging process to not make it daunting.

I see that Sandra and Woo is on the short list. It would be really nice to win an award. However, I am missing Gill on your list. It’s not only the best webcomic which started last year, but the best of all which are still updating.

Still, those are better than some you DID mention (although I won’t name names), especially AoD and Artiste. But meh, that’s just my opinion.

Which is obviously better than your panel’s. 😉

whoa! I was not only mentioned on a podcast but put in someones top 10 webcomics of 2008? that’s awesome for such a silly amateur youngster like me 🙂 . nice show guys, looks like I have some more webcomics to check out!

I coulda sworn Ink Tank was a relaunch!!!! We could not find the data I think….

That technically means that we have to retract the award…. I think… It was also a Judge’s Award…. so maybe it can slide… Aw dammit, I was hoping to avoid this! *sigh*

Well, like I said, this first year was an experiment.

Anyway, Capes n’ Babes was added to the Finalists List, since it was one of Tanya’s Top 10. It was held back on the thought that it might have been older, but I put it back on the list.

There were also a couple of REALLY awesome comics that qualified, but were not included because I already had a list, and deemed it unfair.

Man this award this is partial fail 🙁

Now, now, no need to fight and fuss. I appreciate the show of support, Jason, but it’s all good… at least I got nominated this time. Frumph’s awards neglected to even *count* me as a new comic from 2008, so this is better… sorta… I guess.

Also, April 1st was also AoD’s 1 year anniversiary… not that I’m fishing for a Milestone shout-out or anything… just thought I’d mention it while I’m here…

I think we both owe Jason something for his enthusiasm! Honestly, knowing I have even one such devoted fan makes me totally not care about any award… At least at this early stage, hehe. And the show was pretty exciting to listen to.

Oh, my comic’s one year anniversary also recently passed, back on March 11. Again, just saying.

You need to e-mail the beacon about milestones… otherwise I forget.

Also, just because we didn’t mention certain comics, doesn’t mean we didn’t like them. I needed everyone to focus on their top picks, and even then we ran over time.

Speak No Evil won a Beaky!?

I keep worrying how this story is accepted by the webcomic community. I mainly did that comic to get the rust off my drawing hand. Plus I was unemployed back then.

Speak No Evil has been cleaning up lately. Its also nominated for an Eisner for Best Digital comics.

Hey, you might end up being the Golden Globe to the Eisner’s Digital Comics. (I hope really really hope that didn’t come off as an insult.)


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