Webcomic Beacon #52: Cameos!

This week KAM (of The KAMics) and Hogan (of the Cameo and Crossover Archive) join Tanya and Fes for hosting duty! We talk about cameos! … that’s basically it. Join us next week for our One-Year Special on Sunday, 30th,@ 3pm Eastern (-5 GMT)!

Cover by Ron of Magical Misfits!


Milestones: Between Failures (2 years)

Notes: Sites Mentioned on the Show: Blade of Toshubi, Halloween Cameo Caper, Rogues of Clwyd Rhan, Purple Duck Mambo, Loxie & Zoot pool party image (NSFW), Naked November, Angry D. Monkey, The Whiteboard, Jenny Everywhere Global Comic Jam, Guest Strip Project, E.H. Joes: Real Canadian Heroes, Paranoia High, Emergency Exit, and Alice’s Restaurant.

Thanks to Dungeon Warden for taking notes this week!

Webcomic BACON! Yes we have an idea for a communal webcomic project. Check out our official forum for more details and to let us know if you are interested! Invested parties will be encouraged to come on a show to brainstorm!


Next Episode:

ONE YEAR “SPECIAL!” (not really special)
Sunday 30th, @ 3pm Eastern (-5 GMT)


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