Webcomic Beacon #51: Writing Ahead, The End, Death, and Sex…

Sophie (of Mac Rat Love) and R.T. Barnham III (of The World Explodes *NSFW*) join Tanya and Fes this week as we discuss writing ahead and to the end. We also devolve into discussing death and sex as this episode nearly becomes a Spectacular Failure. We had some issues on the broadcast with audio, but the show seemed to turn out alight!


Spotlighted Webcomics this week are: Mikey’s Life and Sorcery 101! Searchlight Webcomic: The Original Nutty Funsters!

Webcomic BACON! Yes we have an idea for a communal webcomic project. Check out our official forum for more details and to let us know if you are interested! Invested parties will be encouraged to come on a show to brainstorm!

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Gods… I don’t even have the guts to listen to this one. The whole show is like a morning after memory – everything is hazy, most of the scenes are missing important bits, and there was a lot of talk about porn…

Actually, the sounds wasn’t too bad. I had to boost my volume 400% and run a noise filter, and then I ran it through Levelator… If I record through my Laptop again, I really need to mess with the settings….

Plus the wireless didn’t help me.

Listen to it 😉 😛

Thanks for the Searchlight shoutout! Yeah, I’ve been doing the strip for 4 years. I used to be part of a collective until about ’07, so that’s when I made the jump.

That and I’m less embarrassed about the more recent strips. I look at the early ones and just go “Oh man, these are SO primitive…”

Sorry I haven’t been able to turn up for the live shows, but I am still listening to and enjoying the show. Will be most disappointed to miss the one year special, but thought I should post to wish you congratulations. Well done!

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