Webcomic Beacon #49: Working with Images

This week Tanya takes a crack at hosting the show, along with Fes and someone named Al. We discuss various points on how you should save your images, and we even go over a few free imaging software programs. … For those that can’t afford Photoshop, and don’t want to use MS Paint.

“Tycho Brahe” of Penny Arcade introduces the show!


Here’s a fun image from Jakob Burrows:

Spotlighted Webcomics this week are: Lonnie Allen and Marsh Rocket! Check them out!

Notes: Sites Mentioned on the Show (sorry this is messy): http://netmechanic.com, http://irfanview.com/, http://www.inkscape.org, http://www.gimp.org, http://www.blender.org, http://www.lemkesoft.com, http://webcomicscollage.com, http://creativecommons.org, http://biff.propheka.com, http://tbowlcomic.com, http://www.twistedmusings.com.ua, http://www.getpaint.net/, http://goldenkey.jennyeverywhere.net/

Thanks to Dungeon Warden and Hans Meier for taking notes this week!

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First, thanks for the pimpage. Sorry about the domain name. I bought a good domain name for the strip not a week after I sent the message to you. It’s now 100% easier to say. = )

As for the programs, I second Gimp. I have seen some amazing work come out of it. A friend of mine uses it almost exclusively for his digital work. Like all good programs, it does have a bit of a learning curve but you really can’t beat the ton of plug-ins and the fact that it’s Free.

Great show. Keep up the good work and… I’m sorry I killed Tanya’s system.

I don’t believe that merely moving a JPEG file from one location to another necessarily causes degradation. Certainly, this is what happens when one uses a web accelerator when downloading an image, but I’ve never seen or heard of this occurring otherwise. It’s a digital file just like any other, and thus you should be able to move it an infinite number of times without any degradation whatsoever.

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