Webcomic Beacon #19: Doing Webcomic Reviews

Fes, Tanya, and Brett Hainly discuss why we used to review webcomics and why it has worn us numb. Why? Hint: We blame people that never learn. The show runs very long today. Perhaps its because we found so much that pisses us off. Aaron of The Best of What’s Left, a long time contributor to the show has officially become another co-host for the show!

On top of that, we decided to go with Mark Savory, of Autumn Lake, to be our new Webcomic Reviewer! Officially! That’s right, he can do the webcomic reviews, instead!  This week he reviews a comic that follows the story of Dracula by Bram Stoker, though it’s done in a furry style! Check out Dracula!

Milestones this week include: Paranoia High hits 200 strips, Roomies hits 400 strips, Ardra hits 100 strips, and Boxcar Astronaut hits 1 Year.


Notes: Sites mentioned this week (in mentioned order): Winger, The Webcomic List Forums, 8-Bit Theater, XKCD, Candi, College Roomies From Hell, Aaron Edwards’ Blog, Joel Fagin Tutorials, Darken, Crow Feathers, Dominic Deegan, (and for fun: ) Dominic Durgan, Diana Nock, Rene Engstrom, Something Awful Forums, and Grant Thomas.

Other Webcomic Reviewers: Tangents and Websnark. If you know others, Let me know and I’ll add them to our main Reviewer’s list.

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