Webcomic Beacon #16: Net Neutrality?

Brett Hainley joins us in our discussion on Net Neutrality. We mostly learn that Fes knows the least about anything, of anyone in the room. STAY IN SCHOOL! … or at least pay attention more… Anyway, this week we had it set up as an Open Forum, where we had a live broadcast using uStream. We hope to do it again next time. We ran out of time for a Webcomic Reviews and Impressions, but we have only one Milestone this week: Mr. Oblivious has hit over 100 comics!

We are currently looking for a new webcomic reviewer for The Beacon. Stay tuned for more information or send us an e-mail asking for details!


Notes: Sites mentioned this week: SaveTheInternet.com, Something Positive, Congress.org, HouseOfRepresentatives.gov, and Senate.gov. Also Digital Strips is updating again and thanks to K-Dawg of Angry D. Monkey for showing up in our chat room for the show!

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