Webcomic Beacon #15: Webcomic Podcasts

With the show today we have JT and Scott of The Gigcast, as well as CD Rudd of the 910 CMX Webcomic Talk Group! We talk shop about how we handle our Webcomic Podcasts. Brett Hainley gives us a short guest review of the webcomic Goblins, and Aarin Edwards gives up a quick impression of Lizzy. We have only one Milestone this week: Super Fight Fight has hit 1 year!


Notes: Sites mentioned this week: Talk Shoe, Extra Life Radio, Skype, uStream, Technorama, Family Webcomics, Night Gig, The Levelator, Digital Strips, JT “Ukes” at 40, Sonic Society, Sweat Shop Studios, Madscott, Sailor Sun, Downloadable Content, Art & Story, The Webcomic List, The Wotch Community, Drunk Duck, Farpoint Media, and Project Wonderful. Oh, also Thorn, 67th Avenue, and School Spirit.

Special reference: “MyHope” – Original Uke Music Video

Gigcast Contest info: Subscribe to both The Gigcast and Beatnik Turtle

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