EpiGuide’s EpiCast #15 – “Teaming Up”

We talk about the webserials who boast not just one but multiple authors, and find out how they handle working as a team: dealing with differences of opinion, dividing labor, and the joys of brainstorming on a jointly-created fictional world.

EpiGuide’s EpiCast #13 – “Running Long”

Recaps of the latest webserial installments, news about several returning webserials, a response to some listener feedback, and the massive main course in this feast: a discussion about long-running webserials and just how one can create–and maintain–a serial that has staying power.

EpiGuide’s EpiCast #11 – Webfiction by Design

The latest EpiCast takes a look at the design and website features integral to every webfiction site. Hosts Kira and Michael sought input from readers to find out what attracts–or, worse, distracts–visitors who check out an author’s site.