Submitted Press Releases – December 2013

Welcome to the experimental, Monthly Press Release post! I don’t promise that all submitted press releases will be posted on these, but we’ll see how this will go. For now, we’ll be playing around with assorted press releases, including book releases.

2013 CONvergence Panel – Creating a World

Recorded live at CONvergence 2013. You may have a great idea for some characters for a new comic or novel, but what good are they without a world to exist in? Save yourself some of the headache of continuity by planning some things ahead. Panelists: Lou Anders, Dana Baird, Adam Stemple, Tania Richter, Fes Works, Marty Farley.

2013 CONvergence Panel – Creating a Character

Recorded live at CONvergence 2013, a panel that Fes Works, along with S. D. Hintz, Nicholas Beeson, Tania Richter, and Matthew Davis put together for an interesting discussion on creating a character.

Jenny Everywhere Day 2013 – Get Those Submissions In!

Well it’s August and that means it’s time to get serious about this year’s Jenny Everywhere Day event! The event is August 13th which is a Monday. This will be the forth year of the event. In 2009 we had 9 submissions, 2010 saw 14, and 2011 had 19 submissions. If early feedback is any indication we’re on track for another great year.

2013 CONvergence Panel – Poe’s Potables

After the success of 2012’s “Cocktails with Cthulhu,” the panelists will return with an in-depth look at booze in the life and work of Edgar Allen Poe. Panelists: Pat Harrigan, Tim Uren, Melissa Kaercher, Jerry Belich, Dawn Krosnowski