The Geek Life #213: “Bacon Mead” – Video Releases, iPad 5G, Beer, and other random stuff.

Watch the Google+ Hangout recording of the show, or listen to the podcast below!


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Mike and Paul are here to talk about beer and go over some geeky news over the past couple weeks. Our next regular recording will be Tuesday, November 19th. We’ll be on a live Google+ Hangout starting at  ~8pm (?) Central Time . You can follow us on Twitter @thegeeklifetv with the hashtag #thegeeklivetv.

No show notes (as we had no actual show notes).  Video releases, and we just kind of winged it the rest of the time! We do talk about the new iPad 5G, bacon and beer, a bit about Midwest FurFest, but mostly random stuff.


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