The Geek Life #212: “Monorail!” – Madonna Banned from Alamo Draft House, Natural Wonder Destroyed by Idiots, Banksy in NY, and More!

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Mike and Paul are here to talk about beer and go over some geeky news over the past couple weeks. Our next regular recording will be Tuesday, November 5th. We’ll be on a live Google+ Hangout starting at  ~8pm (?) Central Time . You can follow us on Twitter @thegeeklifetv with the hashtag #thegeeklivetv.

  • Video Releases
  • Lightning Round
    • Assholes topple and ancient rock formation in Utah and then post it on the Internet. (link)
    • Kohl’s has Sharknado shirts for women
    • You can use Netflix profiles to tailor your movie suggestions.
    • Banksy has an unannounced art sale in New York City and sells almost nothing (link)
    • Minnesota Zoo Monorail decommissioned (link)
    • Madonna banned from Alamo Drafthouse after texting during a movie (link)
    • Doctor Who tapes trove in Africa officially announced and released.
  • Apple Announcement
  • Iron Brewer Update


  • Melissa: Gravity, and Eega is on Netflix as Makkhi
  • Paul: Project Pluto model kit… one of the cold wars wacky doomsday devices.
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