The Geek Life #210: “Beer Me!” – Iron Brewer, Dell and Blackberry go private, SteamOS, iOS7, and More!

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Mike and Paul are here to talk about beer and go over some geeky news over the past couple weeks. Our next regular recording will be Tuesday, October 8th. We’ll be on a live Google+ Hangout starting at  ~8pm (?) Central Time . You can follow us on Twitter @thegeeklifetv with the hashtag #thegeeklivetv.

  • Lighining Round:
    • Dell is going private
    • …and so is Blackberry
    • Speaking of Blackberry, it lost almost 1 billion last quarter…
    • …And Grand Theft Auto V made over 1 billion in its first three days
    • Need further proof that Android tablets are flooded with cheap pieces of crap? Tesco – a UK supermarket – is making one called the Hudl.
    • Gabe Newell, in his quest for supreme insanity, anounced SteamOS, yet another linux fork built for ‘living room’ devices.
    • iOS 7 is now in the wild
    • Microsoft doubles down on Surface.
  • Paul and Mike discuss some of their thoughts for the current Iron Brewer round (Yes, I’m saying it that way to try and make it a regular thing – Mike)
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