The Geek Life #209: “It’s Coming Right For Us!” – Van Gogh, Stork Spy, Apple Announcements, (Microsoft, too, I guess) and more!


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  • Video releases
  • Lightning Round:
    • New Van Gogh painting identified (link)
    • Stork detained in Egypt as a spy (link)
    • Monument to “god of chaos” appears mysteriously in front of an Oklahoma restaurant (link)
    • Google has killed YouTube video responses
    • Amazon is going to release a free smart phone. Except they aren’t – they outright said they won’t, and even if they did it wouldn’t be free.
    • But Amazon does have a new PaperWhite Kindle coming out.
    • Kindle Matchbook: Some publishers will let you purchase ebooks of titles you bought in dead tree editions from Amazon for a significant discount: free up to $2.99
    • Oyster: Netflix for books, $10 a month to access a 100,000 title library, up to 10 books can be stored off-line
    • Even with the release of the XBox One, Microsoft will provide support for the XBox 360 for three more years. XBox One will ship in the States on November 22.
    • Microsoft announced a Sept 23 date to announce the new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 devices.  You read that right.
    • Microsoft has announced XBox Music now available for Android and iOS. Free for 2 hours a month streaming, $10 a month or $100 a year unlimited without ads.
  • Microsoft buys parts of Nokia, but not all of it (link)
  • Lots of Apple announcements
  • DC Comics kills the Batwoman-gets-lesbian-married storyline, and creative team walks off book (link)
  • We determine the secret ingredient for the first round of Iron Brewer!


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