Webfiction World #15: An Re-Introduction to Webfiction (and Webserials!)

Kira Lerner joins Webfiction World with Fes Works to bring you a re-introduction to webfiction! Most people may know Kira from The Webcast Beacon Network’s affiliate podcast: EpiGuide’s EpiCast podcast, which is a monthly podcast that looks primarily at webfiction/webserials. It was decided that this episode would help as a refresher for Webfiction World (and help Fes with presenting a panel on webfiction at an upcoming convention).

LOTS of good information in the episode! All about answering some basic and common questions that newcomers may have about getting into the webfiction community/scene.

We also talked a little bit about potential collaborations between The EpiGuide and Webfiction World. Also talked a very little bit about the potential of doing something with webfiction reviews…. or something….

Yes, it has been a while, but Webfiction World will return to update with webfiction readings on an every-other week basis for a while. No more serial readings at this time, but we will be looking at an assortment of webfiction writings to present. You can read more on submitting readings on the Webcast Beacon Network contribution section. Feel free to email Webfiction World (not the other shows’ emails), with any other questions and concerns, if they are not answered in the FAQs!


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