The Geek Life #207: “No Protein!” – Lots of Mobile talk; the ‘Fatberg’; 24hr Andy Warhol’s grave webcam, and more!

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  • Video Releases
    • Sept 10 – new iPhone announcement?
    • Bloomberg predicts Retina iPad Mini, also new iPad post phone announcement
    • Black Berry (RIM) throwing in the towel?
    • Windows Phone news? Crickets.
    • Windows 8.1 will RTM in August, but you plebeians can’t get it until October
    • …and Asus is out of the RT game, Acer is throwing its lot in with Android and ChromeOS (30% of revenue next year)
    • Although they won’t actually say “yes” or “no”, Microsoft peeps have said that the console will function if the Kinect is not attached
    • My Fermentation is Stuck! (I’m out of ideas)
    • There’s a webcam that watches Andy Warhol’s grave 24/7
    • A 15-ton “fatberg” removed from London sewer
    • Gay people can now marry in Minnesota! Yay!
    • You can listen to Wikipedia being edited live:
  • Paul has a Chromecast!
  • The America’s Cup, or how to void the warranty on your iPad
  • Iron Brewer! (Yes, you heard me right – MT)
  • Wizard tries to oust MCBA in Minneapolis by scheduling a Wizard World convention two weeks prior to Spring Con.
  • The Minnesota Fringe Festival


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