The Geek Life #203: “Region Free”

Alright! Let’s see how this works out! Welcome The Geek Life, latest affiliate to The Webcast Beacon Network! With Richard, Paul, Mike, and Melissa, give a listen to the podcast, or watch them as they recorded the episode live on Google Hangouts! – Fes

The Geek Life is an affiliate of the WCBN.
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Discussed on this episode:

  • Video Releases
  • Stop me if you’ve heard this one-World of Warcraft is hacked (link)
  • Microsoft does fastest 180 in history…
  • … But the hits keep coming
  • Although, they still keep dodging bullets
  • HP Slate 21: Silly…or is it the future?
  • Samsung turns it up to 11
  • FAA circulating draft of new regulations for in-flight electronics
  • It’s official now: Kindle wins

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