Webfiction World #11: Restarting Your (Un)Dead Webfiction

Becka Shutsumon (Firebird Fiction) joins A. M. Harte and new co-host Greg X. Graves to talk to you about “Dead Fiction”: it’s webfiction that has been abandoned (or dead). We also talk about if you try to work on it again and it comes back (Zombie Webfiction).

Shadow by Chris George, read by Jason Strawsburg

MusicThe Tree by Klippa (So)
*320k, Bass-boosted MP3 available for purchase.

Notes: Winter Rain by Chris Poirier, NaNoWriMo, Write or Die

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A bit late, since my connection has been down for several of days, but anyway:
Congratulations on finding yourself a new co-host, Anna!
Nice to hear you, Greg! (Remember, Hipster Applejack is watching…)

(No MCM, I will not tell you what a Brown Skua is. You’ll have to find that out the hard way.)

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