First Issue Review #36: DC Comics’ Green Lantern Corps #1 (2011)

A look at DC Comics’ New 52: Green Lantern Corps #1 (2011)! Does it succeed or FAIL? The Webcomic Beacon Presents: First Issue crew is here to let you know what we think! Please join Fes Works, Melissa Kaercher, and Marcus A.

Do know that while this show is also available as a podcast, you miss out if you don’t watch the video! Also, all of the DC 52 First Issue reviews are relatively spoiler free. We co not give any spoilers about significant developments or endings, or try not to anyway.

Remember that we abridge these issues, and the show is by no means a substitute for reading it yourself. If any comics we review pique your interest, there are MANY places to pick these up!

We highly recommend you check out your local comic book shop first, as that is the BEST experience for reading comic books. Otherwise there are many sources online to read and buy comic books in a digital format: DC Comics on Comixology, Marvel Digital Comics, IDW Publishing on Comixology, Dark Horse Digital, Comixology, and Graphicly.

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I also had problems saying Corps as well, but then again, English is not my first language. The thing of pronouncing “colonel” as “kernel” is also really weird. But the weirdest is how only some Americans pronounce “forums” as “forms”, I still haven’t figured out the correct way to say it.

The correct way to say “forum” is “fo-rum”. Though with dialects, people will say words fast, so part of words get mashed, thus “forum” sounds like “form”. Happens with a lot of words.

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