First Issue Review #24: DC Comics’ Demon Knights #1 (2011)

A look at DC Comics’ New 52: Demon Knights #1 (2011)! Does it succeed or FAIL? Your reviewers are Fes Works, Melissa Kaercher and Marcus A.

Do know that while this show is available as a podcast, you miss out if you don’t watch the video! Also, all of the DC 52 First Issue reviews are relatively spoiler free. We co not give any spoilers about significant developments or endings, or try not to anyway.

There is a podcast version of this show available, but really, you want to watch the video instead. Especially for all of the visuals you are missing.

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This was a unique episode where, in the time of recording, we didn’t have a clear “spoiler” attention. Marcus kept saying something that could have been spoilerish, so instead of cutting a huge chuck out, I decided to try the comedic over-censoring.

If I have to do this sort of thing again, I’ll figure something out. I did decide to SHORTEN the buzz for how frequent they were coming up. Again, this was mostly for comedic value.

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