Webfiction World #5: WeSeWriMo and Writing Marathons with Kira Lerner

Kira Lerner (Epiguide) joins A. M. Harte and MCM are here to talk to you about WeSeWriMo and Writing Marathons!

Reading: Tales of the Big Bad Wolf by Sgl, read by Jason Strawsburg


Music: West Mansion by Mayhem (Torpedo Torpedo)
*320k MP3 available for purchase.

Notes: About Schuyler Falls by Kira Lerner, Book By You, EpiguideWriting Marathons: Web Series Writing Month, A Round of Words in 80 Days, National Novel Writing Month, National Blog Posting Month, 24-Hour Comics Day, Script Frenzy, National Sketch Writing Month, July Novel Writing Month, Interactive Fiction Writing Month, Travel WritingMonth, 48 Hour Film Project (not mentioned) – Tools: Write or Die – Other: Footprints by Michael, xkcd, The Order of the Stick,


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