The Tropecast #12: (Table-Top) Gamer/Gaming Tropes

Liz Staley (Adrastus) and Byron (Rho Pi Gamma, The Gamer’s Podcast) join Adam Smithee and Alex Heberling this week. We are talking about (mainly Table-Top) Gamer/Gaming Tropes!


While we have TVTropes links throughout, for the first segment, we reference the Munchkin List. It is sort of defenitive, and TVTropes itself harkens back to it several times.

TV Tropes Links: Gamer Types

Additionally: For the second half of the show, I figure we’ll just run down the list here of Game Tropes, and discuss as we go. Also: Total Party Kill (TPK), Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies.

And then, when all else fails –

Break Song: Mallet of MetalConsortium Of Genius
*320k MP3 available for purchase.


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