Webfiction World #4: Fantasy Webfiction with Tim Holtorf

Tim Holtorf joins A. M. Harte to talk to you about fantasy style webfiction.

Reading: Black Mask & Pale Rider The Broach by Tim Holtorf, read by Kara Dennison


Music: Avast Your Ass by Kitsune² (Squaredance) *320k MP3 available for purchase.

Notes: Scryer’s Gulch by MeiLin Miranda, An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom by MeiLin Miranda, 314 Crescent Manor by M Jones, The Peacock King by Irk and Char, The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely by Andrew D. Fanton


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Great podcast, as usual, A.M.! I enjoyed it thoroughly and as a result have found a new story to be reading, too (Tim’s Black Mask and Pale Rider is now waiting to be downloaded to my e-reader).

I’m not sure what other themes you’ve got on tap, but you might think about doing one on Urban Fantasy, on post-apocalyptic, as well as doing one on maybe alternate histories (above and beyond the macro-themed genres, do some stuff on the subgenres). It could also be a good idea to maybe change things up and chat with webfiction authors at various levels of experience (ie, people like Jim Zoetewey, someone who’s experienced but still learning, and then rookie webfic writers).

Could also do one on translating web fiction into ebooks/print books, since folks seem to be doing that, too, here and there.

Looking forward to the next!

Some great suggestions there Erin, thanks! I’ll jot them down in my ever-increasing google doc 🙂

We do want to cover loads of topics, from macro genres down to subgenres, and rookie authors to the big bosses. It’s all a question of time, and hopefully as the show progresses we’ll be able to expand more.

[…] I’ve always been more interested in the heroine than the hero. That came from when I was a kid. I remember my dad would give me a dollar to buy comic books. And back in the 1970s a dollar was quite a bit, it was 25 cents, 35 cents for a comic book. I ended up buying, this was when DC had their World’s Finest comics series out, and it was a dollar. There were no ads and they had all these stories in it. I really got attracted to the stories of Green Arrow and Hawkman, but not necessarily Green Arrow and Hawkman, I was more interested in Black Canary and Hawkwoman. Just because they seemed more alive to me and they jumped off the page. So, I’ve always been more drawn to female protagonists, and I thought it was different than what was normally out there.  The female protagonist has always interested me, and it interested me more with having Shani and Pania as female instead of male. Because I felt if it was just two male protagonists, it would just be another western.  —Tim Holtorf, in an interview with A.M. Harte, author of Above Ground, on the reason why Black Mask & Pale Rider were a pair of women in the wild west and not men.  Full audio interview (and a reading) found here. […]

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