Webfiction World #1: An Introduction to Webfiction

Join Fes Works as he introduces A. M. Harte and MCM; as they introduce us to the world of webfiction, webserials, web-lit, etc! Also welcome them to the Webcast Beacon Network Team, as they run Webfiction World on future episodes!

Reading: Bunny Tacos by MCM, read by Nate Hammond and Lyndsey Harvey.


Music: It’s Murder by Mayhem (As Of Yet Unnamed EP) *320k MP3 available for purchase.

Notes: Webfiction Daily, Girl Genius Novel, Chris Howard, Top Webfiction, Web Fiction Guide, Muse’s Success, #Webfiction, #FridayFlash, Friday Flash Fiction, Tuesday Serial, #TuesdaySerial,

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Excellent reading – although I didn’t like the ending ;-(

I don’t know how I overlooked these podcasts, but I’ll be listening to them over the next little while.

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