Webcomic Beacon #187: The Tropecast #8: Drunk Tropes

Adam Smithee, Alex Heberling, Liz Staley, and Melissa Kaercher are here to drink to your health! … or, not really, but to cover drunk tropes and to go over The Webcast Beacon Network drinking game… which is not advisable to be engaged in by anyone. Drink responsibly in general, and where legally allowed. (of course!)


TV Tropes Links: Drunken Master, Gargle Blaster, Lampshade Wearing, Necktie Headband, Face Doodling, Beer Goggles, Alcohol Hic, Hideoous Hangover Cure,

Other Notes: Sour Toe Cocktail Club, After 12 (Fail Blog), Alex’s dress,

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