Webcomic Beacon #160: Tropecast #4: Star Trek Tropes

Fes, Tanya Higgins, and Mark Savary join forces with Rosscott, Adam Smithee, and Jules Rivera to discuss Star Trek Tropes! Yes, this episode of the Tropecast, nearly all of the Webcomic Beacon crew is on! (Alex is gone at a convention). Tanya does, sadly, bow out due technical difficulties.

TV Tropes: Red Shirts, The Worf Effect, Explosive Instrumentation, Mary Sue, The Wesley, Growing the Beard, Mauve Shirt, Klingon Promotion, Dropped a Bridge on Him, Mirror Universe, Beard of Evil, Captain’s Log.


The break song was Spock Star by The Great Luke Ski | Notes: Webcomic Beacon “Mary Sue” episode, Super Art Fight, Trope (ala Speedy): We Hardly Knew Ye, Red Letter Media’s review of Generations,  , | Milestones: Sakana No Sadness (1yr)

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