Webfiction World Readings: Berlin Confidential

The Webfiction World podcast presents a reading of Berlin Confidential (chapter 1), A Supernatural Noir and Online Penny Dreadful; written by A. Scott & E. Cowles, and read by Kara Dennison.

Accepting Webfiction for Readings on Webfiction World!

If you have your own writings that you’d like to offer up for readings, you may submit the first chapter or two of an on-going, or completed, story; as well as one-off stand-alone works. We are looking at things that would take 15-25 minutes to read, which is about 3000-5000 words.

Webfiction World #11: Restarting Your (Un)Dead Webfiction

Becka Shutsumon (Firebird Fiction) joins A. M. Harte and new co-host Greg X. Graves to talk to you about “Dead Fiction”: it’s webfiction that has been abandoned (or dead). We also talk about if you try to work on it again and it comes back (Zombie Webfiction).

Webfiction World #10: Flash Fiction

Angie Capozello (Tech Tigger) and John Wiswell (The Bathroom Monologues) join A. M. Harte to talk to you about “Flash Fiction”. Flash Fiction, simply put, is typically when you write about 1000 words story.