Webcomic Beacon #354: The Kickstarter Scammer

Alex Heberling joins Fes Works to talk about a Kickstarter Scammer. No, not people with Kickstarters with no intention of actually making anything, but rather a person pledging large amounts and then contesting the charges after the Kickstarter is over.

Webcomic Beacon #351: Comic News & Discussion for July 14th, 2013

Comic news & discussion this week, we argue again about Kickstarters as well look at one from Alan Moore. We are largely discuss scandals with a founder of Dragon*Con (and what the con ultimately did to get rid of him), and a look at accusations against the founder of Anime Midwest and many other anime cons in the midwest.

Webcomic Beacon #350: Comic News & Discussion for June 30th, 2013

Monty Rhode, Kittyhawk, Terence, Ben Carver, and Fes Works for another week of comic news & discussion! Not a whole lot of real news for us today, but we go over Antarctic Press and their Indiegogo campaign and the How to Make Webcomics “sequel”. Plus PRISM and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. (No relation).

Webcomic Beacon #342: Comic News & Discussion for May 12th, 2013

Kittyhawk rejoins Ben Carver, Terence, and Fes Works for another edition of the newscast! Comic News & Discussion this week: Penny Arcade’s new Kickstarter, webcomic Apps, Wacom’s FINALLY updated driver for tablets, Comics Alliance shutting down, and more!

Webcomic Beacon #341: Bond? James Bond!

Rich Morris joins Fes and Melissa Kaercher to talk about James Bond 007! Why? Rich was on to talk about Doctor Who because of his fan comic, The Ten Doctors; and with the 50 year anniversaries of both, why not round things out?

Webcomic Beacon #242: The Whole Story with Ryan Estrada

Ryan Estrada comes back to tell us about The Whole Story: a collection of Digital Comics that are bundled as a single offering; in the same manner of the Humble Bundle for independent video games. Where people can name their own price, and get it all!

Webcomic Beacon #225: Showcase: The Webcomic Factory

Tony DiGerolamo and Christian Beranek, from The Webcomic Factory, joins Fes Works and Mark Savary. Yes, another comic collective being showcased; and boy-howdy do they have a bunch of webcomics there! Next week it’s back to some interviews.

Webcomic Beacon #224: Showcase: ComixTribe with Tyler James

Tyler James of ComixTribe joins Fes Works and trial co-host Kelly Turnbull (Manly Guys Doing Manly Things). We are taking a look at another comic group. This one has a heavy focus on printing comics and aiding creators from their website.

Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Exclusive Interview with Neal Adams

Thom Revor sits down with Neal Adams for an exclusive interview. Neal Adams is a comic book and commercial artist known for helping to create some of the definitive modern imagery of the DC Comics characters Superman, Batman, and Green Arrow.

Webcomic Beacon #220: HEAVY METAL with Hal Hefner

Hal Hefner (Gates) with Kevin Bryce joins Fes Works and Melissa Kaercher talk about HEAVY METAL! This includes discussion of the magazine and the original Heavy Metal movie. Walk also talk about Hal’s webcomic, presented by Heavy Metal: Gates.

Webcomic Beacon #219: Talking Shop with Dawn Griffin

Dawn Griffin (Zorphbert and Fred) joins Fes Works, Mark Savary, and Alex Heberling to talk shop! Well, about her comic and artistic past and her competing webcomic podcast endeavor; as well as a bit about getting one’s webcomic out there more.

Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Year In Review (2011)

T Campbell hosts this episode with Thom Revor, Fes Works, Adam Smithee, and a return of Rosscott! Thanks to Content Producer Eric Kimball, for helping to set this up; along with T Campbell for creating the list of 16 discussion points.

Webcomic Beacon #207: A Business Guide to Conventions

We’ve done shows on conventions before, but this one is different! This is a guide that takes into account the BUSINESS aspect of going to, and selling at, conventions. Tanya Higgins leads Fes Works and Mark Savary in this very discussion.

Webcomic Beacon #206: The End of the World!!!

Karen “Kez” Howard (War of Winds and What It Takes) returns, along with Aaron Neathery (Endtown). Kez was last on during the Penguicon 2011 panel (of which you can watch it all on video!).

Webcomic Beacon’s 200th Episode!

Kurt Sasso (TGT Webcomics) joins us to celebrate our 200th episode! Fes Works, Tanya Higgins, and Mark Savary are all here, telling tales of how we started reading webcomics, creating our own, and listing a few of our favorites.

Webcomic Beacon #199: The Rules of the Internet

We are here to discuss the “Rules of the Internet” with Fes Works, Tanya Higgins, and Mark Savary for this week’s episode! We try our best to go over the original 47 rules, that had come from 4chan, and adapt them for webcomics.

Webcomic Beacon #195: Watercoloring

BugByte ([messenger]), Root (The Dawn Chapel), and JillyFoo (Demon Eater) join Fes to discuss their comics and their approaches to watercoloring!

Webcomic Beacon #194: Journal Comics!

Lezley Davidson (Peeling Onions), Ryan Dow (Introspective Comics), and Rori (Tiny Pink Robots) are here to talk about journal webcomics with Fes and Tanya! How hard could it be…. right?

Webcomic Beacon #185: Penguicon 2011

Karen “Kez” Howard (The War of Winds and What It Takes) joins Fes Works, Tanya Higgins, Mark Savary, and Alex Heberling here at Penguicon 2011! Adam Smithee does join us later, as well.

Webcomic Beacon #177 (EP): Showcase: Keenlace

Vinnie D. (Antibunny) joins Fes in a pre-recorded Webcomic Beacon EP to talk about Keenlace! Only about 20 minutes for this show. It’s good to see Keenlace up and running again, as it’s been around for 10 years now.

Webcomic Beacon #174: Second Life Machinima Comics

Gwen Patton (Jenny Everywhere’s Infinite: Quark Time) joins Fes and Mark to talk about the Mega Multi-Player Online experience known as Second Life. As well as talking about making comics with in it.

Webcomic Beacon #156: 3D and CGI Comics

Paul Caggegi (Pandeia & The Process Diary) and Pam Harrison (House of the Muses) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss CGI webcomics. Particularly “computer generated comics” that utilize 3-D models and modeling.

Webcomic Beacon #153: Webcomic Update Schedules

Ben Carver (Majestic Knight & Hero Academy) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss a bit about building a buffer, setting an update schedule, and maintaining an update schedule. There is a bit on hiatuses as well.

Webcomic Beacon #147: THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Fes, Tanya, and Mark, are here to celebreate THREE YEARS of THE WEBCOMIC BEACON! We are also joined by two of the new TWCB crew, Adam and Alex! We attempt to talk talk about webcomics.. pffft HAHAHA!

Webcomic Beacon #145: Trolls, Griefers, & Jackasses

Adam joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss internet trolls, griefers, and jackasses. Complete with stories, examples, as well as the last word. We even go into some “false positives” as far as trolls may be concerned.

Webcomic Beacon #139: Manga-Style Webcomics

Shouri (Springette) and Molly Hayden (Northwind) join us to discuss webcomics done in a “manga” stylings. We attempt to define what “manga” is, as well as the controversial “right-to-left” versus “left-to-right”.

Webcomic Beacon #138: DEMONS!!

David Emerson (Underling) and Jilly the Foo (Demon Eater) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss DEMONS! Like the Vampire and Zombie episodes last year, this is a discussion of the concept and use of Demons.

Webcomic Beacon #137: Dead Webcomics

DEAD WEBCOMICS! … plus some Halloweenish comics. We start with talking about New Twitter and conventions, but roll into webcomics dying off. There’s also good tangential commentary!

Extending Programming

We are looking to supplement our regular schedule Webcomic Beacon episodes with “off-schedule” episodes that can be scheduled more flexibly with all parties.

Webcomic Beacon #134: Featuring D. J. Coffman

D. J. Coffman (Hero By Night) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to talk about his comic Hero By Night and working with Platinum Studios, as well as his projects since, including Yirmumah and Will Draw Anything.

Webcomic Beacon #132: Readers of Webcomics

Fes, Tanya, and Mark sit down with a number of webcomic readers. Consider this research! Readers are one of the most important aspects of webcomics, so let’s hear what they think!

Webcomic Beacon #131: Minneapolis Indie Xpo 2010

Evan Dahm (Rice Boy) gets interviewed at MIX! Melissa Kaercher (The Geek Life) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss the 2010 Minneapolis Indie Xpo, including a tale of the pre-party bathroom comic!

Webcomic Beacon #130: Crash Course to Webcomics

A crash course to webcomics, based off of a presentation Fes gave at the 2010 Minneapolis Indie Xpo. This is a great listen for those new to publishing comics online. This episode went too long and got split into Episode 131!

Webcomic Beacon #128: Organizing Your Work Area

Terry (Godseeker) joins Fes and Mark to discuss how we organize our work areas for creating comics! We are also joined by Ben Carver, Alex Heberling, and a live chatroom full of listeners!

Webcomic Beacon #126: Female Cartoonists

Yamino, Megan Rose Gedris, and Emy Bitner join Fes, Tanya, and Mark to talk about working as women cartoonists. Not as “ladies”, because that implies as more “proper and polite” attitude… apparently…

Webcomic Beacon #124: Time Travel

Fes, Tanya, and Mark discuss TIME TRAVEL! Yes, time travel as a subject of writing. Why kind of rule set would you use? Star Trek? Back to the Future? Doctor Who? Some really, really bad SyFy Original?

Webcomic Beacon #123: Do It Yourself?

Eric (Exiern) joins Fes to discuss ComicPress’ new build, ComicPress Premium. We also end up discussing the “It’s time to pay” model in webcomicking these days. Also a touch of writing vs art.

Webcomic Beacon #122: Photo Comics!

Anthony van Winkle (Night Zero), Cisco Davis, Jr. (Pure and Hidden Truth), and Arne Schulenberg (Union of Heroes) join us to discuss Photocomics! We’ve done this episode once before, but now from many perspectives!

The Webcomic Beacon crew on The Geek Life

An impromptu Skype messaging with Melissa Kaercher (aka “Chebutykin”), turned into an invitation to a podcast recording! So check out Episode 58 of The Geek Life as Mark and Fes talk about webcomics and go off tangent!

Webcomic Beacon #121: Open Forum

Open Forum Discussion with a number of webcomic related questions submitted by an anonymous listener. Subjects ranging from popularity, branding, use of social media and networking, and dealing with confrontations!

Webcomic Beacon #119: LEGO Brick Comics

Chris Doyle and Dave Rapp join us to discuss building webcomics with LEGO Bricks. No not merely “Legos”, but LEGO Bricks… and not Mega Bloks either. There’s discussion of a few legalities involved as well.

Webcomic Beacon #117: Success in Webcomics

Howard Tayler (Schlock Mercenary) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark on a live Penguicon broadcast! He shares his success story of hard work and mainly luck with his webcomic. A great time all around!

Webcomic Beacon #115: Vaginas. (Not another dick joke).

Fes, Tanya, and Mark to decide to have a non-topic episode, and just start acting very inappropriate with vaginas. We are also gearing up for PENGUICON at the end of the month! We also discuss printing options by the end of the show.

Webcomic Beacon #111: Octobriana

Octobriana! Her original creation and origin has much debate. However, Octobriana herself was essentially designed as an uncopyrighted comic heroine, of sexual expression and underground rebellion, from behind the Iron Curtain.

Webcomic Beacon #107: Flashy Comics with Pixton

Discussing the Pixton comic creation site, as well as look into their business model. We then proceed to discuss a few other Flash created comics before just going into assorted discussion and Penguicon!

Webcomic Beacon #104: Fanfiction (Reprise)

Becky (Sailor Ranko), Thom (910 CMX), and Ben (Hero Academy) join Fes for a late-night discussion. We clear the air with some drama stirred up in episode 102, and then move on to discuss a bit more about fan fiction.

Webcomic Beacon #103: Featuring R. C. Monroe

R. C. Monroe (Out There) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to talk about… stuff! We start with discussing R. C.’s ridiculously long buffer, cartooning style, and professionalism.

Webcomic Beacon #102: Fanfiction

Ben Carver (Hero Academy) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss Fanfiction. A little potential drama gets mixed in later, and Thom Katt calls in towards the end as well. Tanya gets riled up a lot, too!

Webcomic Beacon #101: IN SPACE!

Mark Mekkes (Zortic) and Tara Tallan (Galaxion) join Fes and Mark to discuss Science Fiction Webcomics, movies, and TV shows. Tanya was having headset problems but joined in the chat.

Webcomic Beacon #95: VAMPIRES! with Tod Willis

Tod Wills (Dracula) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss vampires and Dracula! … again, that is pretty much it, though there is much to discuss! We also bast the Twilight series a bit. Fun!

Webcomic Beacon #92: Time Management and YOU!

Darc Sowers (Code Name Hunter) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss Time Management. The show goes pretty well, and is later chock full of news by the end of the show, especially about 24 Hour Comics Day this year!

Webcomic Beacon #86: SIMS Machinima Comics

Robin Burkinshaw (Alice and Kev) joins Fes and Mark to discuss SIMS machinima comics and a bit about homelessness. The topic goes shorter than expected, so we kinda talk about this and that.

Webcomic Beacon #84: Catgirls & Magic & Tangents (oh my!)

Philip Brown (Yosh!) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss his comic, catgirls, magic, parallel realities in comics, and tangents. Philip also drew the cover for this week. See the full sized version, as well as other arts, in our covers and fanarts section!

Webcomic Beacon #83: For Charity (Runaway Episode)

The LGBT Webcomic Charity Art Auction (Running July 20-24th, 2009), benefitting the Point Foundation… but if you are familiar our show, this is one of those “runaway episode”. We devolve into differences between the USA and UK soon enough.

Webcomic Beacon #80: Webcomic & Inkblot for WordPress

Michael Sisk (Michael Online) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss the new Webcomic and Inkblot 2.0, and what it means for Wordpress Webcomickers. The crew also gives overdue impressions on several previously submitted webcomics.

Webcomic Beacon #78: Doctor Who?!

Rich Morris joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss Doctor Who and The 10 Doctors fan webcomic. Rich was kind enough to draw the awesome cover for this week, check out the original size version on our Art Page!

Webcomic Beacon Hosts will be at Penguicon May 1-3, 2009!

Yes! The Webcomic Beacon Hosts will be at Penguicon this weekend! Check out the following events to see when and where we will be. We will ATTEMPT to do a live broadcast (or at least a recording) on Saturday, May 2nd, at 10am EASTERN, during the “Webcomics: Moving beyond the Strip” panel. (Some links are […]

Webcomic Beacon #73: SUCK IT!

Fes, Tanya, and Mark discuss a lot of things, including forumite arguments, newspaper comics vs. webcomics, convention supplies and Jenny Everywhere appearances. Mike Schlosky (Mikey’s Life) briefly joins the discussion.

Webcomic Beacon #72: Open Forum: [Insert Title Here]

CJ (Steal This Comic), Drowemos (Exiern, Legacy, and Knit Princess) and Zack (Insert Comic Here) call in to talk to Fes, Tanya, and Mark about whatever was on their mind. Much of the discussion focused on Conventions.

Webcomic Beacon #69: Fetish Webcomic Discussion Fail.

Ben (Peter is the Wolf) and R.T. Barnham (The World Explodes) joins us to discuss fetish webcomics… but major fail happens and they just end up talking about fetishes in general. We also had C.J. of Steal This Comic call in to tell us about Webcomics Weekend!

Webcomic Beacon #68: Teamwork (part 2) and more B.S.

The members of Crossoverlord joins us to discuss working together on a crossover comic. The topic changes to conventions as Tanya was calling in from the Opus Fantasy Festival. John Peters (Gypsy!) takes a break from Opus and briefly joins the discussion.

The 2008 Webcomic Beaky Awards!

The Webcomic Beacon is underway in reviewing eligible nominations for the best new webcomics of 2008! These were submissions from listeners and ourselves.

Webcomic Beacon #65: Furries and Furry Comics

Dr. Samuel Conway, aka Uncle Kage (UncleKage.com), joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss furry fandom and furry webcomics. Darcy (Code Name: Hunter), Rachel (Last Res0rt), and Trpdwarf (Around the Fur Studio) join in the call.

Webcomic Beacon #62: Open Forum: What’s in a Name?

Zack (Insert Comic Here) and Rachel (Last Res0rt) join Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss some of the meanings behind, and reasons for, the names we pick for our webcomic characters. We are ALSO joined by several callers that were listening to the show LIVE!

Webcomic Beacon #61: Hobbyists vs Professionalists

Scott Gallatin (of The Gigcast and Madscott) join Fes, Tanya, and Mark as we talk about hobbyist and professionalist approaches to webcomickery… Yes I know that isn’t a real word, but it looks funny.

Webcomic Beacon #60: Coloring with Jules Rivera

Jules Rivera of Marsh Rocket joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark this week to talk about coloring! We also go on to talk about hedge clippers, relationships and drama…. particularly in the aftershow.

Webcomic Beacon #58: Apocalypse Webcomics (Disaster Podcast)

Another attempt at a genre podcast! We talk about movies a lot, but what better inspiration than Hollywood? … No? Well listen anyway! Also check out some of the Apocalypse and Disaster Webcomics we talk about. Post in the comments, ones we missed!

Webcomic Beacon #57: The Fanservice Aftershow

After Episode 55 (Vote Incentives and Fanservice), everyone continued to talk for another 50 minutes. So, since The Webcomic Beacon took a break during the holiday weekend… you get this.

Webcomic Beacon #54: Creating Webcomic Bacon

The communal webcomic project we’ve be eluding to for a while now. We develop some starting character and the setting! Be sure to check out our forums for further discussion!

Webcomic Beacon #52: Cameos!

This week KAM (of The KAMics) and Hogan (of the Cameo and Crossover Archive) join Tanya and Fes for hosting duty! We talk about cameos! … that’s basically it.

Webcomic Beacon #50: Character Depth

Stephanie (of The Original Nutty Funsters) and Nate (of Jazz and Jess) join Tanya and Fes this week as we discuss Character Depth! Jinxtigr also called in to help us out as well!

Webcomic Beacon #49: Working with Images

We discuss various points on how you should save your images, and we even go over a few free imaging software programs. … For those that can’t afford Photoshop, and don’t want to use MS Paint.

Webcomic Beacon #48: Dead Webcomics

DEAD WEBCOMICS!!! WooOOooOoOOoOOoOooo! *makes spooky fingers* *ahem* We also discuss Webcomic Reviews again, as we beat the subject to death. Still… good times.

Webcomic Beacon #47: Fes is a Whiney Baby.

Be warned, if you don’t wanna hear Fes whine about a buncha stuff… skip this episode. Otherwise Fes and Tanya run the show alone as Aaron steps down from co-hosting duties to have more time for other things.

Webcomic Beacon #45: 24 Hour Comics

Fes, Tanya, and Aaron are talking about 24 Hour Comics! We had a few audio irregularities this episode, but please enjoy nonetheless! Tanya also presents us with 6 helpful tips to fail (and some to succeed)!

Webcomic Beacon #42: The Crossover Wars

Fes and Aaron are talking about Crossovers and The 2007 Crossover Wars! Hogan of The Cameo & Crossover Archive, Reinder of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, and Gothia of America Gothic Daily all join us today.

Webcomic Beacon #41: Open Forum Discussion #4

Mark Savary joins Fes, Tanya, and Aaron as we just sit back a bit and shoot the breeze about webcomics in an open forum. We also rag on The Gigcast a bit, but only because we love them!

Webcomic Beacon #40: Superhero Webcomics

Ben Carver of Point Guardian, Al Schroeder of Mind Mistress, Neil Purcell of Dasien, and Abby Lark of The Green Avenger joins Fes, Aaron, and Tanya as we once again discuss superhero webcomics!

Webcomic Beacon #34: Merchandising!

Fes, Tanya, and Aaron are joined by Tanya Higgins and Scary Voice Mr. Christopher Solace. They demonstrate how we use the show for shameless self promotion.

Webcomic Beacon #33: Conventions and Self Insertion

Fes and Tanya start talking about some conventions for a little bit, but not before talking about ADHD, Scooby Doo, and riding bikes… Um… what else? Oh yea, then we eventually moved on to self insertion.

Webcomic Beacon #28: Drawing Female Characters

Tanya and Aaron are on their own for the topic this week. They discuss drawing female characters! Certainly a challenge as it is not as simple as drawing bumps on a couple of straight lines.

Webcomic Beacon #20: Jenny Everywhere

Fes and Aaron along with Jenny Everywhere comic creators Steve Wintle, Nelson Evergreen, Scott D. M. Simmons, and Benj Christensen. We discuss Jenny Everywhere: the Open source, Public Domain character.

Webcomic Beacon #19: Doing Webcomic Reviews

Fes, Tanya, and Brett Hainly discuss why we used to review webcomics and why it has worn us numb. Why? Hint: We blame people that never learn. We found so much that pisses us off.

Webcomic Beacon #16: Net Neutrality?

Brett Hainley joins us in our discussion on Net Neutrality. We mostly learn that Fes knows the least about anything, of anyone in the room. STAY IN SCHOOL! … or at least pay attention more…

Webcomic Beacon #15: Webcomic Podcasts

With the show today we have JT and Scott of The Gigcast, as well as CD Rudd of the 910 CMX Webcomic Talk Group! We talk shop about how we handle our Webcomic Podcasts.

Webcomic Beacon #14: All Ages Comics

How can one find All Ages Comics? Do we read any and don’t realize it? We have Michelle and James Lehmann of Family Webcomics on the show with to discuss the whole dealeo.

Webcomic Beacon #13: Comic Brainstorm Session #2

Continuing from where we left off in Episode 8, we present Part 2 of our Webcomic Brainstorm Sessions! On our panel we have Eric of Exiern, Thom of Crossworlds, and Gothia of American Gothic.

Webcomic Beacon #9: Developing a Style

What’s the difference between drawing in a style and not drawing well? We talk about developing a style and come up with a few different approaches. Our Interview this week is with Brock Heasley of Super Fogeys!

Webcomic Beacon #8: Comic Brainstorm Session #1

Trying something new, with a Webcomic Brainstorm Session! With us is Drowemos, Gothia, and Thom brainstorming a new webcomic, essentially from scratch. Brett Hainley returns with another Casual Rambling.

Webcomic Beacon #7: Open Forum Discussion #1

OPEN FORUM DISCUSSION! We kinda go all over the place this week. We do talk with Mrs. Kolter about The Comic Genesis Cookout! Aaron of The Best of What’s Left joins us as an impromptu guest host for a while.

Webcomic Beacon #4: Conventions!

CONVENTIONS! We all love conventions don’t we? We have a special guest host for this week, Stan Yan, who has a number of ongoing projects, and we’ll even be interviewing him as well.

Webcomic Beacon #3: Webcomic Website Design

We are talking about webcomic website design this week. We also have a special guest host for this week is Joel Fagin, who has a number of tutorials, especially for webcartoonists to use.

Webcomic Beacon #2: Art vs Writing for Comics

On the topic of “bad” art in comics and webcomics versus it’s writing. That’s right, it’s Art vs Writing! We have a spiel from EvilCouch, and another great Casual Rambling from Brett Hainley!