Send the WCBN your Press Releases!

While there are many ways to contribute to the WCBN and its shows, including submitting your own original article, one can also submit promotional information via Press Releases. While I would encourage everyone to read the entire FAQs page first, I’ll give a quick overview on what we are looking at.

Marcus N. Almand – Fellow Creative and Friend

Dear friend and fellow creative, Nicholas “Marcus” Almand, has lost the fight to cancer this past week. People may remember Marcus from his original, independant comic Razor Kid; the First Issue comic book review series; Unique Tales contributing writer, among other projects in the works.

Now Accepting User Submitted Articles

We are going to open up the floor for user submitted content. Article posts in particular. This will be a trial and experiment moving forward. We will be looking for original article submissions for tutorials, guides, event/convention reports, interviews, and editorials… perhaps other things as well.

Site News: Registered User Purge… SORRY!

I apologize in advance if you got caught in the deletion (People with names, posts, or avatars were likely spared), but I had to do the purge to get rid of a huge number of spam accounts, and for website security and stability.

Welcome New Affiliate of The WCBN, EpiGuide’s EpiCast!

EpiGuide is the webfiction, weblit, webserial… online fiction writing community that brought you WeSeWriMo. With their podcast, EpiCast, they discuss many degrees of writtings found online, with a predisposition to webfiction.

So please welcome WCBN’s first new affiliate under the new website: EpiGuide’s EpiCast!

Website Design Upgrade!

New look (coming VERY soon, if not here already)! So be patient with us during the change over. We’ll be working on bugs, broken links, and tightening the layout.

Let us know if anything is broke!

So, What is Happening to The Webcomic Beacon?

The Webcomic Beacon is winding down and is going to be ending its core programming. What does that mean for the site? What does it mean for our listeners? What can you do to help?

Webcomic Blind Date 2013 Results!

We got 25 people signed up for the Webcomic Blind Date 2013! However, not everyone has handed their comics in. We will add them as they do come in.

Sign up for the Webcomic Blind Date 2013!

Admission ended for 2013! UPDATE: See the official 2013 dating roster! Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we would like to revitalize the “Blind Date” project that Xavier Xerexes (of ComixTalk) had originally created. The way that Webcomic Blind Date will work, is that people will email us (at as either a comic WRITER, a comic ARTIST, or as […]

The Webcast Beacon Network is COMING SOON!

The Webcast Beacon Network originally started as The Webcomic Beacon Podcast in 2007. In 2010, The Tropecast and Webcomic Beacon Newscast were added to the programming…..

The Webcomic Beacon crew on The Geek Life

An impromptu Skype messaging with Melissa Kaercher (aka “Chebutykin”), turned into an invitation to a podcast recording! So check out Episode 58 of The Geek Life as Mark and Fes talk about webcomics and go off tangent!