Webcomic Beacon #356: Comic News & Discussion: Fair Use, ComfyCon 2013, Meeting Your Heroes, and more!

Mr. Chris (from Playing with Props) joins Ben Carver and Fes Works for another newscast edition of The Webcomic Beacon! Comic news and discussion mostly includes a discussion about fair use, and how to meet your heroes. Very full episode for a return Webcomic Beacon of the newscast kind!

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Fes’ 60 second webcomic review show, from 2007, is online at WCBN.


Commentary on the online, cartoonist convention.

PCMag.com Seems to be confused about what “Fair Use” is
PCMAG.com did a list of their favorite webcomic, posting several strips in part or in full, without asking permission. Though it’s said this is fair use to do this, PCMag.com had sent emails to those creators saying that if they wanted to quote the article, they would have to pay a fee?
This is mainly about the double standard.
Ryan Estrada:
PCMag.com Article in Question:

How To Meet Your Heroes
An article on ComicM!x goes over how one should conduct themselves when it comes to meeting your hero(es).

Artist Work Tablet for $400?
Monoprice will have a Motion Computing pen interactive tablet for $400 coming out in December.
Motion Computing Tablets:
Webcomic Beacon #347:  Screen tablet Reviews:

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