Webcomic Beacon #353: Comic News & Discussion: Wacom Companion, Patreon, and impromptu guest Amanda Lafrenais!

KittyhawkBen Carver, Monty Rhode, and Fes Works are here for a heated discussion about the new Wacom Companion! We also get into talking about a Kickstarter alternative called “Patreon”, in which we bring on an impromptu guest, Amanda Lafrenais of the wonderful webcomic Love me Nice; as well as the erotica comic Titty Time on SlipShine – NSFW)


Wacom’s Own Mobile Drawing Tablet: Cintiq Companion
Artists have been demanding it. Waited for it. And is it all that we wanted? Hope? … Expected?
Source: The Slanted

Ever hear of Patreon?
Curious if Ben or Kittyhawk may approve of or dismiss such a service. Especially in comparison to Kickstarter.

And Amanda’s Love Me Nice Patreon:

Kittyhawk’s PayPal only solution:

Wizard World At It Again?
Wizard World sets its sights on taking over the Minnesota Non-Profit comics convention:

Additional comment by Adam Hughes:

Panel: a new webcomics theme for WordPress
Those out there with a wordpress system might be interested in checking out the new kid on the block when it comes to webcomics themes. But likely not something to switch to if you already have something working for you.

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I don’t like censoring my show, as far as what people want to say most of the time. I also should not have to say this, but Hiveworks has treated The Webcomic Beacon / Webcast Beacon Network very well with our transition away from that other service. The people behind it do fantastic work, quick to solve problems, and I’ve never heard a complaint from anyone I know that’s been or currently hosted and/or published with Hiveworks.

This should have been called the Kittyhawk show. I would have liked to hear from the other people more. 🙁 Also, I don’t think your guest was treated very well.

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