Webcomic Beacon #353: Comic News & Discussion: Wacom Companion, Patreon, and impromptu guest Amanda Lafrenais!

KittyhawkBen Carver, Monty Rhode, and Fes Works are here for a heated discussion about the new Wacom Companion! We also get into talking about a Kickstarter alternative called “Patreon”, in which we bring on an impromptu guest, Amanda Lafrenais of the wonderful webcomic Love me Nice; as well as the erotica comic Titty Time on SlipShine – NSFW)


Wacom’s Own Mobile Drawing Tablet: Cintiq Companion
Artists have been demanding it. Waited for it. And is it all that we wanted? Hope? … Expected?
Source: The Slanted

Ever hear of Patreon?
Curious if Ben or Kittyhawk may approve of or dismiss such a service. Especially in comparison to Kickstarter.

And Amanda’s Love Me Nice Patreon:

Kittyhawk’s PayPal only solution:

Wizard World At It Again?
Wizard World sets its sights on taking over the Minnesota Non-Profit comics convention:

Additional comment by Adam Hughes:

Panel: a new webcomics theme for WordPress
Those out there with a wordpress system might be interested in checking out the new kid on the block when it comes to webcomics themes. But likely not something to switch to if you already have something working for you.

Comic of the Week: Paranatural by Zack Morrison

by writers Zack Morrison

Comic of the Week picked by: @fesworks

One of the most colorful comics I’ve seen online. This is a story about just how absurd a world of magic is, to a kid that has just had the veiled pulled away for him. Because if we just discovered world of spirits, ghosts, and magic… it would very pretty darn weird, right?

Though the absurdity is not merely with the paranormal elements. It’s quite possibly everyone else in this town. It’s hard to really explain this comic without talking about entire sequences,  but this is a really fun and really colorful comic.

Comic Website | WebcomicZ Entry
SFW*: Cartoon Violence.



The Geek Life #207: “No Protein!” – Lots of Mobile talk; the ‘Fatberg’; 24hr Andy Warhol’s grave webcam, and more!

Watch the Google+ Hangout recording of the show, or listen to the podcast below!


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  • Video Releases
    • Sept 10 – new iPhone announcement?
    • Bloomberg predicts Retina iPad Mini, also new iPad post phone announcement
    • Black Berry (RIM) throwing in the towel?
    • Windows Phone news? Crickets.
    • Windows 8.1 will RTM in August, but you plebeians can’t get it until October
    • …and Asus is out of the RT game, Acer is throwing its lot in with Android and ChromeOS (30% of revenue next year)
    • Although they won’t actually say “yes” or “no”, Microsoft peeps have said that the console will function if the Kinect is not attached
    • My Fermentation is Stuck! (I’m out of ideas)
    • There’s a webcam that watches Andy Warhol’s grave 24/7
    • A 15-ton “fatberg” removed from London sewer
    • Gay people can now marry in Minnesota! Yay!
    • You can listen to Wikipedia being edited live: http://listen.hatnote.com/
  • Paul has a Chromecast!
  • The America’s Cup, or how to void the warranty on your iPad
  • Iron Brewer! (Yes, you heard me right – MT)
  • Wizard tries to oust MCBA in Minneapolis by scheduling a Wizard World convention two weeks prior to Spring Con.
  • The Minnesota Fringe Festival



Comic of the Week: Amya by Savannah Houston-McIntyre, Andrew Hewitt, and Rebecca Gunter

by writers Savannah Houston-McIntyre, Andrew Hewitt, and artist Rebecca Gunter

Comic of the Week picked by: @fesworks

Amya is touted as a “high-fantasy graphic novel”. I had interviewed Savannah once, and learned that the comic is based partially off of a table-top role playing game she and her friends have played. Though I have to say that it doesn’t really show. There certainly is a heavier emphasis on drama and character development, versus “encounters” for dice-chucking. You really get a feel for the characters.

Though the story subject isn’t really my cup of tea, this can certainly be something for others to enjoy. The thing that gets me the most about this comic, is the art style. Yes, I’m not a big fan of non-color comics, but this is a fantastic mix of black & white line work with grayscale and some screen-tones. Beautiful artwork that makes me joyous when I see a colored peice of art, but also saddened that the color isn’t there for the rest of the comic.

Still, I think a lot of people that enjoy a more “high fantasy” style of story, would really enjoy this comic.

Comic Website | WebcomicZ Entry
SFW*: Drama. Occasional Violence.



Comic of the Week: Shotgun Shuffle by Chris Rusche

Shotgun Shuffle
by Chris Rusche

Comic of the Week picked by: @fesworks

Quinn Nicks is just trying to find a good roommate, and Ellie Beuckingham is just trying to find a room. Yes, it’s a sort of “roomies” comics, with loads of relationship drama. Everyone has some sort of baggage, it seems. Though what many “roomie” type comics lack, are expressive, individual characters. This comic’s got ’em.

The writing is… well reading the comic feels a little hurried compared to some other comics I’ve been reading lately where things are a bit more stretched out. So you could say this comic does not linger too much. For a webcomic updating a couple times a week, it’s refreshing to read a story that progresses at a fair clip.

The art is interesting with it’s use of black lines and coloring, which is really what draw me into the comic. Though the full-body character proportions are… a bit off… to the point of me not being able to tell if it’s purposeful style or not. Still, the expressive characters are really keeping me in on this one. That and seeing the dynamics play out between the two main characters.

Comic Website | WebcomicZ Entry
SFW*: Relationship Drama, Adult Situations



2013 CONvergence Panel – Creating a World

Recorded live at CONvergence 2013. You may have a great idea for some characters for a new comic or novel, but what good are they without a world to exist in? Save yourself some of the headache of continuity by planning some things ahead. Panelists: Lou Anders, Dana Baird, Adam Stemple, Tania Richter, Fes Works, Marty Farley.

Be sure to check out the prior panel Creating a Character!

The “No Excuses. Draw.” Challenge

The 24 Hour / 24 Week No Excuses, Draw challenge will officially start on August 11th, 2013!

This challenge is to help people get off their lazy fingers and DRAW EVERY DAY! This is a challenge against one’s self.

Remember to tag your Twitter and/or Tumblr posts with “#NoExcusesDraw”, so you and others can follow the progression!

People can start at any time, but it is recommended to start at the beginning. This project will have direct links to the expanded week themes (plus suggestions) on the main site, as they get posted.

(Link to the expanded introduction of this challenge)

So, with a drawing a day for six months, some people would like to know the list ahead of time. So, I give the stripped down version of each theme week.

But once this whole things starts, posts with more explanation, including suggestions, will be added. Links will be added to the official website (NoExcusesDraw.tumblr.com); as well as each line item on THIS page, so people can easily pick up and start at the beginning at any time!

WEEK 1 – Original Character Challenge #1 – FACE!

WEEK 2 – Small Objects Around the House

WEEK 3 – Original Character Challenge #2 – BODY!

WEEK 4 – Animals #1 – LAND!


WEEK 6 – Original Character Challenge #3 – Places!

WEEK 7 – Go Outside!

WEEK 8 – Animals #2 – WATER!

WEEK 9 – Original Character Challenge #4 – Emotions (part 1)!

WEEK 10 – Pokemon Fusion

WEEK 11 – Contour Lines

WEEK 12 – Animals #3 – AIR!


WEEK 14 – Original Character Challenge #5 – Emotions (part 2)!

WEEK 15 – Webcomic/Comic

WEEK 16 – Typography #1 – Numbers

WEEK 17 – Original Character Challenge #6 – Emotions (part 3)!

WEEK 18 – Animals #4 – INSECTS!

WEEK 19 – Typography #2 – Typeface

WEEK 20 – Original Character Challenge #7 – Riding!

WEEK 21 – Animé/Manga

WEEK 22 – Typography #3 – Word Logos

WEEK 23 – Original Character Challenge #8 – Dress Up!

WEEK 24 – Monsters

The Geek Life #206: “What Does This Button Do?”

Watch the Google+ Hangout recording of the show, or listen to the podcast below!

Yes, Mike hit the wrong button again.  You’ll know where…

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  • Video releases
  • XBox 360 accessories won’t run on XBox One.
  • Apparently it took Seth McFarlane, the world’s biggest wise ass, and 33 years to get a science program onto prime-time network television.
  • Sony and Panasonic announced a joint venture to produce an optical disc with a 300GB storage capacity by the end of 2015.
  • Randall Munroe of xkcd creates the world’s largest cartoon with 3,099 panels (link)
  • The tablet market is heating up
  • How to screw up the market, the Microsoft way
  • Apple is doomed (again, apparently)



EpiGuide’s EpiCast #14 – “Web Serial Writing Month”

A quick follow-up EpiCast to share the latest news about webfiction and the publishing industry, but especially to talk about… the Seventh Annual Web Serial Writing Month, which is almost upon us!

Hosts Kira (yours truly) and Michael begin with a varied selection of news items, including some serial premieres and finales, a new way a massive serial community is trying to help writers fund their work, and an upcoming convention for those in the indie publishing world.

From there we shift into WeSeWriMo Prepration mode, reminding everyone that Web Serial Writing Month is nearly here, with a deadline of August 1 for signing up (meaning you can register up to and including August 1, just to be clear). After explaining exactly what WeSeWriMo is, we then offer some incredibly useful tips, offered by past participants of the month-long writing challenge, on how to best ensure that you succeed without driving yourself crazy in the process.

An EpiCast first follows: a brief commentary plus an inspiring musical break (at least I think so) from me regarding battling the fears that can cripple writers no matter what their experience level. Finally we give our thanks one last time to the donors for last year’s fundraising drive, thank our participants and say our farewells as we gear up for the EpiGuide’s yearly marathon.

Once you’ve listened, hop on over to our Podbean site, the EpiGuide forum, or our new Webcast Beacon site (links below) to share your own thoughts on these topics and this episode.

Many thanks to everyone who helped out by submitting your recaps and news stories!

EpiGuide is an affiliate of the WCBN.
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Episode Notes:

Recording date: This episode was recorded on July 14, 2013 (except for the commentary at the end, recorded on July 21, 2013).


  • 00:00 – 01:19: Opening pleasantries and teasers for the episode ahead
  • 01:20 – 16:07: Around the Webserial World News
  • 16:07 – 36:54: WeSeWriMo 2013: Tips for Success
  • 36:54 – 45:23: Commentary and Song: “Fraud,” by Jonathan Coulton
  • 45:23 – 47:53: Thanks to sponsors, closing thoughts and fare-thee-wells

Lyrics to “Fraud,” by Jonathan Coulton. (As with all songs written and recorded by Coulton, these lyrics are licensed Creative Commons by-nc.) From the album Artificial Heart, individual songs and complete collection available for purchase on JonathanCoulton.com

It wears you thin
Unpacks a bag and it settles in
Ten times an hour you’ll wish it dead
Ask it to leave but it stays instead

So unkind
Acting as if you could read its mind
Making it hard to explain without
Finding new things to complain about

Sharp teeth test your skin
Too late, you let an angel in

It’s all been done
So many accidents, only one
Paints you the picture you want to see
Cover one eye and look carefully

Big surprise
It doesn’t care about second tries
You’re afraid whatever choice you make
Won’t be exactly the right mistake

Sharp teeth test your skin
Too late, you let an angel in

I bet you feel tapped out and nothing left to talk about
I guess you’re right
You fraud

It tells you lies
You say you won’t but you compromise
Just don’t imagine you’ll ever win
Any race you aren’t running in

It follows through
Four in the morning it’s calling you
What’s the over-under on getting it
Done without always regretting it?

Sharp teeth test your skin
Too late, you let an angel in

Many thanks to the special donors who helped make this podcast possible!

Links to the sites mentioned in this episode:

Music credits: “Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance” (EpiCast opening theme), “The Big Boom” (News intro/closing theme), “Sticking it to Myself” (WeSeWriMo discussion closing theme), “Fraud” (Commentary), “Take Care of Me” (EpiCast sponsor theme), and “I Feel Fantastic” (closing theme) as always all written and performed by Jonathan Coulton, host Kira Lerner’s personal musical demigod.

These tracks are licensed Creative Commons by-nc.

Technical notes: We used Skype for the conversation and interviews, Replay Recorder for recording, Audacity and The Levelator for editing/post-recording fine-tuning, and Podbean for hosting. If you have any suggestions, questions, comments or brickbats you want to throw at us regarding this episode, please let us know!