Webcomic Beacon #352: Talkin’ ’bout Comic Reading Apps… Again.

Gordon McAlpin (Multiplex) joins KittyhawkBen Carver, and Fes Works for a discussion on reading comics on a mobile device. There is discussion of Apps, Comic Readers, and plain ‘ol PDFs. we also talk about Gordon’s new comic app for reading his comic, Multiplex. Many thanks to Gordon’s patience (so go check out his comic and app!)


Notes: Kittyhawk’s SGVY App Game, Gordon’s Multiplex App,

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The next time you discuss this topic, you lot might want to a) have any idea at all of what you’re talking about, and b) maybe get someone on who knows about web or app development (both, even!). Because this show was pretty much a vehicle for Kittyhawk to talk about how amazing her website is (it’s not that amazing), and for you all to trash talk Gordon’s approach.

What a fucking joke.

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