Comic of the Week: Between Failures by Jackie Wohlenhaus

Between Failures
by Jackie Wohlenhaus

Comic of the Week picked by: @fesworks

I’ve been reading this comic for a long time. It was one of the first sorta “slice of life” comics (how ever some people define that genre), with characters with romantic interests that I actually liked reading. It was even in grayscale when I first started reading it, which was something that rarely turned my eye back then. Well, I gave it a “fair shake” and read through several pages, and before I knew it, I caught up to the most recent updates (this was years ago), and I wanted more. So into my bookmarks it went.

It’s really the characters that do the comic the most justice. The storylines… not as much. I mean… I’m not really sure it has storylines in the most clear-cut fashion. What you get are character dynamics and interactions, and that’s fun and enjoyable. Though sometimes I would like to see more of a structured, long-lasting storyline; it is still enjoying to follow.

The art has improved much over the years, but isn’t perfect. I am much a fan of the comic’s character styling. I could nit-pick about a few things, but this is a comic of the week, and not a full blown review. So just go check it out!

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SFW*: Some visually saucy moments, but nothing usually cautionary.


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