Webcomic Beacon News Roundup – The Evils of Delicate Flowers

Eric Kimball brings us another News Roundup spurred by, wait for it, how Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal is handing things. This times it’s his response to trolls on his website.

The oatmeal articles:
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Critics and trolls are often frustrated or annoyed fans. Many otherwise regular people with a vested interest will not hesitate to turn against their “idols” after a public misstep. However, if treated with respect, patience and sincerity, most of these angry, passionate people will renew their evangelism with even MORE enthusiasm than ever before.

I wish this podcast were a full episode. DO IT!

Amen. I could not agree more with your statements on troll.

As for a full episode that would be trickier. It can’t be a discussion format because those tend to degrade into tirades about how horrible trolls are instead of talking about issue of how to deal with criticism maturely. It would have to be a number of interviews with experts in this field. And that take a lot of time an energy. I don’t have a surplus of either factors.

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