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Admission ended for 2013!

UPDATE: See the official 2013 dating roster!

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we would like to revitalize the “Blind Date” project that Xavier Xerexes (of ComixTalk) had originally created. The way that Webcomic Blind Date will work, is that people will email us (at as either a comic WRITER, a comic ARTIST, or as BOTH (with preference, if any).

The idea is to pair writers and artists with each other as a “blind date”, and then they are to create a valentines day comic (including single panels) in time for Valentine’s day. We will, in turn, link to all completed products on our site, to where ever the artist/writer teams post theirs.

Please email us by January 19th, 2013 indicating that you are a Writer, Artist, or if you can do either (this will help in the imbalance of entries). Also include if you have any restrictions (such as you can’t work over a PG rating, etc), or any other sort of things you want us to take into consideration. The idea is that the writer would write the comic (or single panel), and the artist would draw it. In the end you will have to work together. We will announce and post the pairings on the website, and also will like the links to the final products in time for Valentine’s Day!

By DEFAULT, the end result should be PG or less, but you can stipulate if you either CAN or PREFER to work on a different rating. Can be sexy (if you want to go that high of a rating), but please no nipples, penis, or vagina. At least this year. Though, I believe there is a different webcomic Valentine’s Day event where it’s all out NSFW, so that is covered elsewhere. I would like us to be as inclusive as we can with this one on The Webcast Beacon Network.

Again, get your interest in Webcomic Blind Date 2013, by January 19th. That will give us enough time to pair people up, and get the comics done early enough that we can re-pair people up with other dates when other’s flaked out. Speaking of which, if you flaked out on your date last year, you are disqualified for this year. Good luck!



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