Webcomic Beacon #254: 5th Anniversary Special!

It’s the 5th Anniversary of The Webcomic Beacon podcast! Tanya Higgins rejoins Fes WorksMark Savary, along with Kelly Turnbullfor this very special episode! We talk with Tanya a bit about what she’s been up to since she stepped down from co-hosting the show.

Eric Kimball comes on the show to talk about his work on The Webcomic Beacon Newscast, and ideas they have for the future of the show. Shortly after Jules Rivera ALSO returns to the show to chat with us.

Additionally, I checked to see who was the most frequent guest on The Webcomic Beacon podcast. Excluding other Network shows, a quick search shows; Melissa Kaercher comes in with 9 appearances, Alex Heberling with 8, Jules Rivera with 5, and Yamino, Megan Rose Gendris, and Ben “BAR-1″ Rodriguez, each with 3…. Because some people may be wondering that. Though, out of 250+ episodes, I could be missing some people that have 3 or more appearances.

Additionally, we have an interview of Nicole of Hello, The Future! Nicole wrote lyrics to the outro music of The Webcomic Beacon for our 3rd Anniversary. Also, an interview with Mat Sherer of Badly Drawn Kitties. Mat was actually the very FIRST person interviewed on The Webcomic Beacon, back on Episode THREE!

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It’s the 5th Anniversary of The Webcomic Beacon podcast,
and prizes are waiting to be won!

► Listen for and email us the PRIZE KEYWORD of the Interview with Mark Waid episode for a chance to win a Free Video Advertisement Slot on First Issue, and/or pick any comic book issue for the First Issue for us to review!
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Cover Art:
By Julie Sydor of SnowFlameComic.com
(If you’d like to contribute your own art, see here.)

Show Music:
T-Rex Has Feelings by Hello, The Future! off of Infinity Right Now. Its a song inspired by Dinosaur Comics.
Gimme Gimme (A Christmas Lullaby) by Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction from TheFuMP.

Show Notes:
Badly Drawn Kitties explained archive, Ask BDK Tumblr, BDK “birth” question mentioned, Midwest FurfestPrecocious, Club Stripes (NSFW), Shortpacked!, Walkyverse, Kat Smith, Giant Bomb!, Denver Comic ConIntervention, MovieBob’s The Big Picture,

Additionally, Eric’s new “News Roundup” video episodes that we talked about: DC vs Unforeseen Consequences, and The Law is Not Frivolous; both now with MP3 alternatives!

Not mentioned on the show, but you should probably check out if you are a creator: The Webcomic Beacon is gearing up for Webcomic Blind Date 2013! Email us at webcomicbeacon@gmail.com as either a comic WRITER, a comic ARTIST, or as BOTH (with preference, if any); to get paired up to create a Valentine’s Day 2013 comic with another creator as a “blind date”! (More Info)

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