Webcomic Beacon #252: Interview with The Doubleclicks and Molly Lewis!

The Doubleclicks (Angela and Aubrey Webber) and Molly Lewis, all also known as The Ladies of Ragnarok, join the Webcomic Beacon to talk about themselves! No really, it’s a great show with a couple of live performed songs! Join the show with Fes Works, Mark Savary, Kelly Turnbull, and Melissa Kaercher!

Also, listen for and email us the PRIZE KEYWORD of THIS EPISODE, for your chance to win CDs from Molly Lewis and The Doubleclicks!
Winners: 2Deadline: Dec 15, 2012 (Also see below for more prizes to win!)


Show Notes: Doubleclicks’ music, Molly Lewis’ music, Doubleclicks’ Chainmail and Cello, Molly Lewis’ I Made You A CD, But I Eated It, The Geek Life, Artist Charity Event Gallery, Also info on the Ragnarok live show on December 21st, 2012!

It’s the 5th Anniversary of The Webcomic Beacon podcast,
and prizes are waiting to be won!

► Listen for and email us the PRIZE KEYWORD of the Performing with Michael Corley episode, for a chance to win a Personalized Voicemail Message recorded by Mark Savary, Fes Works, Witchiebunny, or Michael Corley!
Winners: 4
Deadline: Dec 8, 2012

► Listen for and email us the PRIZE KEYWORD of the Print on Demand Options for Cartoonists episode for a chance to win Shawn Granger’s complete printed works: Family Bones (vol 1 & 2) and Innocent (vol 1)!
Winners: 2
Deadline: Dec 15, 2012

► Send us an email at WebcomicBeacon@gmail.com, with a good question or comment for or about the Webcomic Beacon for our 5th Anniversary Special! These will count as one entry, which will work in addition to the prize keyword when the show is published online!
Winners: ?First Deadline: Dec 15, 2012

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It turns out that I have FOUR Becky arts that have been submitted… some almost a YEAR ago… and I have not yet used them for an episode cover!

Well, that’s going to change! I will be using this images up over the next couple of months, and if you would like to send in your own rendition of Becky, feel free to do so! http://www.WebcastBeacon.com/art

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