Webcomic Beacon #251: Print on Demand Options for Cartoonists

Marie Tary (Evil Space Cat) and Shawn Granger (King Tractor Press) join forces with Fes Works  to bring you a TWO HOUR EPISODE covering print on demand options for cartoonists! A lot of great information on all of our experiences with print-on-demand service; such as Ka-Blam, ComiXpress, and others!


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Show Notes: Ka-Blam, ComiXpress, Lightning Source, IC Geeks Publishing, RA Comics Depot, Hiveworks Comics,


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The problem with using Ka-Blam’s ISBN service is that your book will basically be listed as being the property of them. It even states in their FAQ that if you’re planning on offering the book up through sources other than direct sales and through them (i.e. Amazon or Barnes and Noble), you shouldn’t be using this service. Now, people looking to do on-demand are unlikely to be looking for this level of distribution, but it’s something to consider.

Also, ISBNs may be $125 a pop, but if you plan on doing a number of books, the bulk discounts are awesome (I got 10 for $250). The numbers don’t expire and you don’t have to use them right away.

Oh, totally, but Print on Demand is always really for those that can’t afford the overhead, and at $10 a pop, for a comic that is printed and available for sale through Ka-Blam’s IndyPlanet and ComicsMonkey, it’s really not a bad deal.

If one is going to do something on a bigger scale, going in with someone, or buying someone’s excess ISBN(s), would be the way to go, especially for books that are much bigger than a comic issue.

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