First Issue Review #59: Bluewater Comics’ Political Power: Mitt Romney #1 (2011)

Season 2 – Episode 6:
Political Power: Mitt Romney #1 (2011)

Written by Marc Shapiro | Pencils by Jed Mickle | Colors by Chris Hall |
Lettering by Warren Montegomery | Editor: Darren Davis
Published by Bluewater Comics

Outro Music: Mitt Romney Style (Gangnam Style parody) by College Humor
Reviewed by: Fes Works, Marcus, and Melissa Kaercher.

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Hey guys and gals, this is the colorist for Mitt Romney Political power.
First off, great and accurate review, I laughed my ass off.
Secondly I just want it to be know that I only reason I did this comic is for the off chance that it might sell because:
A. Hell froze over and he was elected president.
B. The 3 billion or so Mormons around the world might show up and buy the damn thing.

Also Bluewater artists don’t work for exposure silly, they work on the .00000001% back end chance that the book they worked on might sell over 10,000 copies and they’ll get paid.

The one positive thing I do have to say is that no one works on a Bluewater comic interior with any real expectations of getting paid.
I was told time and time again by the publisher what the odds were and
I chose to gamble on it based on my previously stated reasons.

It was of course my first and last Bluewater comic, I have moved on and it is what it is.

Melissa says “Oh man. I’ve been there.”

I suppose we all gotta start somewhere, and it sounds like Bluewater is a place to start! I mean, I’ve been learning to color comics, and it sounds like it might be the right price for me to try to do something like that. heh. (Little joke around here is that I have a habit of taking on projects left and right).

I would totally try this.

Well thanks a lot for weighing in with that information! Glad you enjoyed the review!

Melissa (she’s right here) also comments to me: “I’m amused that you see what he just said, and then you say, ‘Oh man! I could get work at Bluewater!'”

‘Oh man! I could get work at Bluewater!’”

Almost ANYONE can get work at blue water working on interiors.
Darren will contact you directly and most like give you a choice between four or five books you can work on.

If you absolutely don’t care about getting paid, Bluewater is the place for you.

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