Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News & Discussion for September 16th, 2012

Dean Esmay heads the show with Fes Works and guest Thyponblue (GendErratic); with thanks for last week’s comics news brought to you by Alex Heberling, Dean Esmay, Jason Strawsburg, and Eric Kimball. Comic news and discussion this week: iVerse Unveils a Comics Crowdfunding Site; Nipplegate: Facebook vs New Yorker; Amanda Palmer ‘Can’t Afford’ To Pay Her Backup Band?; and more!

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Top Stories

iVerse Unveils a Comics Crowdfunding Site and Enters the DRM-Free World
Kickstarter and Indiegogo appear to have some new competition in the webcomics world.
Found via: Robot 6
Original Source: Publishers Weekly
Additionally: Comic Accelerator

Amazon launches its first graphic novel—and pays you $5 to read it
Also in exciting news for comics creators: If you haven’t already heard, AMAZON[dot]COM has started its own publishing house, known as AMAZON STUDIOS.
Original Source: The Beat


Former Marvel COO Bill Jemas tells us how to wake the F#ck up
Original Source: The Beat

Amanda Palmer ‘Can’t Afford’ To Pay Her Backup Band?
Original Source: PrefixMag


Viz Media debutes Mature Manga series on vizmanga.com
For whatever reason, “mature” often seems like code for “porn” here in America, but in this case that appears not to be the case at all.
Found via: Robot 6
Original Source: Viz

Fox Will Offer ‘Prometheus’ and Others Digitally Weeks Before DVD and Blu-ray!
Original Source: MTV Geek


The Publishing Process — A Timeline
Found via: Robot 6
Original Source: First Second Books

Before women write about comics, girls read them
Original Source: Women Write About Comics


Soon you will be able to print your book at Walgreens
Original Source: The Beat

GoDaddy’s DNS Service Had Gone Down
Found via: Boing Boing
Original Source: Y Combinator


Facebook to New Yorker: no nipples in your cartoons!
Original Source: New Yorker

Shifty Look announces Katamari [Cat-a-mari] webcomic
Original Source: The Beat


London Movie Theater Hires Volunteer Ninjas To Deter Rude Patrons
Honestly, do you need to know more than the headline?
Original Source: Geeks of Doom

Daily News spoils tomorrow’s shocking X-Men death
Original Source: The Beat
Additionally: Every X-men death and resurrection.

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