Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News & Discussion for September 9th, 2012

Thom Revor heads the show with Fes Works; with thanks for last week’s comics news brought to you by Dean Esmay, Jason Strawsburg, and Eric Kimball. Sorry for the lack of updates on The Webcast Beacon Network this week. We’ve been moving servers!

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Top Stories

Blind Ferret sites hit with malware virus
Original Source:  Sohmer’s Twitter
Additionally: lezgetreal.com


Mark Millar, others team up to take down online bully
Original Source: DC Women Kicking Ass
Additionally: Archive of some of the trolling

Zombies bring Diamond back from the dead
Original Source: Bleeding Cool

Ustream shuts down Hugo streaming
Original Source: CNN


Authors caught sockpuppeting
Original Source: Paid Content
Additionally: Op-Ed, Are sockpuppets really that bad?

Apple is about device Amazon is about service
Original Source: GiGaOM

‘Cerebus’ Creator Dave Sim Contemplates ‘Career End Point’ And Economic ‘Doomsday Scenario’
Original Source: Comics Alliance
Additionally: Moment of Cerebus


What newspapers and media can learn from Reddit
Original Source: GiGaOM

On franchise fiction and women
Original Source: The Mary Sue
Additionally: Comic Book Resources

Canadian Comic History
Original Source: Sequential Tart


Kickstarters accountability rules
Original Source: The Mary Sue
Additionally: Kickstarter Blog

Java Exploit warning
Found via: Fleen
Original Source: The Register

4chan gets real about software
Original Source: BoingBoing


The results of googling webcomics
Original Source: Webcomic Overlook

Dinosaur comics inspired fortune cookies
Found via: Qwantz
Original Source: Cookie is Fortune

Yes Homestuck raised a ton of money
Original Source: Kickstarter

Husbands go from webseries to digital comic
Original Source: Robot 6


Opposing the DOJ/Apple Settlement in comic form
Original Source: Paid Content

Eggy comic Bingo
Original Source: Robot 6

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Fes, you really should take the time to look of Dave Sim and his legacy with Cerebus comics. Not only his involvement in the black and white movement and creator rights fight in the 80’s and 90’s but also the infamy that was his misogynistic downfall. He’s actually a pretty bold footnote in comics history and a really fascinating story.

Keep in mind I first started reading PRINT comic books about 1 year ago. Before that it was newspaper comics and webcomics only. I’m not familiar with almost all print comic creators.

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