Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News & Discussion for September 2nd, 2012

Ben Carver (Animation Aficionados) and Sarafin (Asylum Squad) join us in this week’s comic news and discussion. Some of the news we discuss covers David Gallaher and Steve Ellis’
new company and digital comics, Dave Gibbons on Comic Sans, and is it really HTML5 that  is going to change things? Thom Revor heads the show with Fes Works and Marie Tary; with thanks for last week’s comics news brought to you by Dean Esmay, Jason Strawsburg, and Eric Kimball.

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Top Stories

David Gallaher and Steve Ellis on their new company and digital comics
Original Source: Bleeding Cool


The mob has spoken: Creators trump characters (mostly)
Original Source: Robot 6

Fire destroys Cerebus negatives before they could be digitized
Original Source: Bleeding Cool


Intro to Kickstarter Photography
Original Source: Instructables

Dave Gibbons on Comic Sans
Original Source: Creative Bloq
Additionally: Connare briefly talks about the font

Innovation the most abused business word
Found via: Slashdot
Original Source: Computerworld


Making Tablet friendly websites
Original Source: Media Post

Kindel Fire V1 sold out FOREVER
Found via: Slashdot
Original Source: Geek.com

Comicpress’ theme companion made obsolete by Jetpack
Original Source: Frumph


Uninsured comic artist with cancer draws the moment she opens first big medical bill
Original Source: BoingBoing

‘Illegal Super Heroes’ Art Exhibit Explores Superheroic Immigration Issues
Original Source: Comics Alliance

DC Digital Editor leaves for “innovative motion-comics company”
Original Source: Robot 6


Harvard is developing Cyborg flesh
Found via: Slashdot
Original Source: Extreme Tech

Ants use TCP
Original Source: Popehat

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