Webcomic Beacon #242: The Whole Story with Ryan Estrada

Ryan Estrada comes back to the show to tell us about The Whole Story, with Fes Works and Mark Savary.

The Whole Story was and will be a collection of Digital Comics that are bundled as a single offering; in the same manner of the Humble Bundle for independent video games. Where people can name their own price, and get the whole she-bang.

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In the FIRST Whole Story, the inclusions were:

Walk Like A Sumerian by Box Brown
The Great Disappointment by Box Brown
Heart of a Stonework by Box Brown
The Kind by Ryan Estrada
You Can Do It Dong Gu by Nam Dong Yoon
Fusion Elementary by Nam Dong Yoon
Fusion Future by Nam Dong Yoon

Promo: The Geek Life

Break Music: St. Patrick Never Drank by Mark Gunn*
*High Quality MP3 for Sale on TheFump.com


Notes: The Submission Guidelines for every Comic and Manga Publisher in the Universe, “proto” Heart of a Stonework webcomic, Fes cameos in Autumn Lake, Hire Ryan and other artists at Cartoon Commune, The Humble Bundle

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