Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News & Discussion for August 12th, 2012

In this week’s webcomic and comic news discussion, starting off by talking about Ingram Content Group’s new Print On Demand standard color system and cheaper pricing, webcomics updating on wednesdays, and OffBeatr: The “Kickstarter” for porn… and more! Jason Strawsburg heads this week’s show with Alex HeberlingFes Works, and Marie Tary head this week’s show; with last week’s comics news brought to you by Jason and Eric Kimball.

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Top Stories

The search for the owners of Funny Junk
Original Source: Ars Technica


Joss Whedon Will Contribute Creatively For Marvel Studios Until 2015
Original Source: Geeks of Doom
Additionally: Bleeding Cool

Evolution of Comics in 6 panels
Original Source: Robot 6

‘V For Vendetta’ Co-Creator David Lloyd Launches Digital Imprint ‘Aces Weekly’
Original Source: Comics Alliance


Was Penny Arcade’s Kickstarter a failure?
Original Source: Flesh Eating Zipper

Uber marketing strategy; pay for promotion
Original Source: GiGaOM

OffBeatr = Kickstarter for porn
Original Source: GiGaOM


Mister Rogers’ Epic Four-Hour Interview about Children’s Programming
Original Source: The Mary Sue

University of Chicago is posting their Comics Philosophy and Practice series online
Found via: Kleefeld on Comics
Original Source: Critical Inquiry – University of Chicago


Digital Comics: You Can Now Sync Your Marvel App with ComiXology
Original Source: Comics Bulletin

Game changer: Color POD just got really affordable
Found via: The Beat
Original Source: Publisher’s Weekly


Sex in Comics! The top 100 strangest, suggestive and steamy vintage comic book panels of all time!
Found via: The Beat
Original Source: Mitch O’Connell’s Blog

Why do Webcomics update most on Wednesdays?
Original Source: Kleefeld on Comics


Superheros are tools of the 1%
Original Source: Workers.org

Man orders TV on Amazon but is shipped assault rifle
Found via: SlashDot
Original Source: DCist
Additionally: The Telegraph

Gillian Anderson And David Duchovny Dating: How True Are The Rumors?
Original Source: International Business Times

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