Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News & Discussion for August 5th, 2012

Dean Esmay (Dean’s World) and T Campbell (Guilded Age) join us again for this week’s webcomic and comic news discussion, starting off by talking Google’s Nexus 7, San Diego Comic Con, finding an artist as a writer, and more! Jason, with Eric Kimball and Marie Tary head this week’s show; with last week’s comics news brought to you by Jason Strawsburg!

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Top Stories

Are fanboys worth it?
Found via: David Malki
Original Source:
Jeph Jacques’ Blog
Additionally: The Hollywood Reporter

Special Con Report

San Diego Comic Con Preregistration begins Saturday
Original Source: Bleeding Cool

Creating a More Artist-Friendly San Diego
Found via: Robot 6
Original Source: UT San Diego News

One Man’s Journey to the Heart of Otakon
Found via: Robot 6
Original Source: City Paper


MoCCA Move
Found via: The Beat
Original Source: MOCCA NY

DR Horrible goes prime time
Found via: Slashdot
Original Source: Washington Post

Patton Oswalt’s on innovation and adapting to change
Found via: Comic Mix
Original Source: The Comic’s Comic


The former DC editor talks getting more women into comics
Found via: Robot 6
Original Source: Women Write About Comics

How a Writer Should Contact an Artist
Found via: The ever marvelous Alex Heberling
Original Source: Shiver Bureau

Jim Zub on Writing comics
Found via: Fleen
Original Source: Jim Zub


Flaws in the model of paid iPad content
Original Source: GiGaOM

Digital Book buyer are buying print books
Original Source: The Beat

Comic Book Fix: Digital Comics on the Google Nexus 7
Found via: Robot 6
Original Source: Don’t Hate the Geek

Comic Rocket page bookmark tool
Original Source: Comics Alliance


Comic Convention in a Theme Park
Original Source: Bleeding Cool

Toronto Comic Art Festival Accepting Applications
Original Source: Toronto Comics

Calvin And Hobbes Come Alive In Animated GIFs
Original Source: Comics Alliance

Dropbox Hacked
Original Source: Slashdot


Japanese robot bar tempts customers with giant, scantily clad dancing robots – controlled by REAL women
Found via: Bleeding Cool
Original Source: Daily Mail

Zombie horde defend the military against religious fundamentalists
Original Source: Comic Mix

Rush Limbaugh’s newsletter rips off the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual
Original Source: io9

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