What is coming for The Webcast Beacon Network and WebcomicZ?

If you have not heard it by now, The Webcast Beacon Network will be combining with the webcomic directory, news and article website WebcomicZ.

The idea is to save and expand both sites. Really the two sites have much to offer. The major difference will be that all of the articles from WebcomicZ will be combined mainly under The Webcast Beacon Network; leaving WebcomicZ strictly as the webcomic directory. Oh, the websites will also be combined into a single website, as well.

You can follow progress notes of the… well, progress… on the @WebcomicBeacon twitter account with the hashtag #WCBNZ.

There will be other changes and adjustments. More written articles will be woven in with the podcasts. More content, and better structures for presenting said content (hopefully). This should including folding in more written content, including reviews.

As we move forward, we will be looking for more self-driven individuals that are introducing in producing regular content, including reviews and tutorials. We will also be looking for people that can help find and organize news and tutorials found around the web! More details to those who express interest.

In the meantime, I will be editing older WCBN posts; adding SEO and other tweeks to old posts. There are a lot of broken links to old comics and websites, that can’t be helped; but there are still things that may go wrong with the function of this site as well. Please let us know if there are broken images, or other “weird” things that are happening with posts and content. While old links should still work, I will be changing where the podcast files are located for Webcomic Beacon episodes before 194 (they are all on the OLD Rampage Network site directory, before “The Webcast Beacon” came about.). So there might be some hiccups, but I think it won’t be a problem in most cases since those episodes are indeed fairly old.

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